AVForums Podcast: Episode 239 - 15th October 2018

Phil Hinton

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00:00:49 - RIP Gary Kurtz
00:05:11 - What have the team done this week?
00:08:58 - What is IMAX Enhanced, Steve?
00:11:00 - Competitions
00:12:26 - Hands-on with the Samsung Q900 8K QLED TV
00:28:54 - The Philips 803 and Sony AF9 OLED TVs arrive for review
00:35:28 - Ed reviews the Fyne Audio F301 Speakers
00:42:33 - Cinema releases this week
00:48:33 - Blu-ray releases this week
00:53:03 - 4K UHD Blu-ray releases this week
00:54:23 - Jon Faverau's new Star Wars live action TV series is called The Mandalorian
00:58:06 - Our favourite box office bombs
01:18:17 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright

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Great podcast as usual, as a quizmaster running pub quizzes, near Beccles in Suffolk, cheating is no problem, as we have no 3 or 4g we just turn the wi Fi off, problem solved!

In one pub i have teams of up to six and regularly have 80 to 90 people per quiz they are still hugely popular.


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looking forward to reading the Oled reviews guys, and to listen to the Podcast.
It will be interesting to understand how / if Sony can justify the high price tag.
Shame Phillips didn't give the 903 with the B/W soundbar, at £500 cheaper than the Sony.
This would have been very very interesting competition with these two manufactures, showcasing their new 2018 Oled's with quality sound built in.

Toon Army

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Thanks gents for another interesting edition. Just how big is the boxing for the largest flat screens? You always seem to struggle with anything over 65 inches!
These two managed it, so why can't you?
I’m excited about Micro-LED when it finally does arrive, in my house the off axis viewing is where a TV lives-or-dies as if you aren’t sitting in the couch right in front of LED TVs then the PQ falls off pretty quick so OLED is king (though with 2 toddlers worth of sticky fingers thinking the TV is a giant iPad I’ve a relatively cheap TV for now).

I’d say Creative Accounting would have a lot to do with some of the losses ... just as the studio paying their internal divisions at inflated prices helps lower the percentage they have to pay the talent that are earning a percentage of the box office.


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Great pod as always.

I jumped on the oled bandwagon pretty quick with a 65inch LG B6 which coming from a 55ich lcd seemed massive in comparison, but like all things once you've lived with the jump up in size for a couple of years you want more so I'm been keeping my eye out for a 75inch replacement. After listening to you guys talk new TV tech over the last few months I'm definitely holding back until the new HDMI spec gets sorted out and to see if Samsung can pull a rabbit out of their hat with micro led.

So instead I've just ordered an Epson 7300 projector and a 109inch screen to give that a go whilst I wait :rotfl:


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View attachment 1073707 Thanks gents for another interesting edition. Just how big is the boxing for the largest flat screens? You always seem to struggle with anything over 65 inches!
These two managed it, so why can't you?
Fully agree, and this was a CTR TV, sorry guys no excuses


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List of biggest box-office bombs - Wikipedia this is the list we used for the final discussion on the podcast.
I’m with you Phil - Blade runner 2049, top class.

I’m selective on which movies to watch on IMAX. This was one I went to see. Helps if you were a fan of the original. Also got it on 4K disc. I get that it wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but was still surprised it was in the list when compared to other movies in the list.


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Regarding "IMAX Enhanced," it seems that these are the first discs with HDR 10+ (i.e. Dolby Vision's competitor). I saw two titles which mention HDR 10+ on the disc.

Great podcast and I'm going to look through the Wikipedia list of biggest flops. Blade Runner 2049 surprised me.


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Its not really a surprise as its a very slow burn and not really what I would call a movie for everyone. If your a fan of the original though its just as good as that in my opinion and one of my favourite recent films. Im excited to see how it looks on the 8K q900 as steve said it was mind blowing on that set.


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I've had a couple of double takes this past week where I've heard the podcast theme tune used elsewhere. I thought the podcast was kicking off all by itself on my phone! So much for exclusivity. I'm trying to think what I was watching/listening to at the time but I think one of them was Click.


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I think the best example of “Hollywood Accounting” was Superman Returns, where the budget included the $100m spent on developing various projects throughout the 90s.

All up it was reckoned the film cost $263 million, plus $100m on marketing, so it’s eventual box office take of $391m worldwide was profitable, but quite a slim return-on-investment!


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I meant to say this six days ago, when there were no responses to the podcast, but it would be best to do this before the next podcast which will come out in about 12 hours’ time! One observation about linguistic style – in the discussion about the late Mr Gary Kurtz I notice that we now seem to have fully adopted the American practice of saying that somebody has passed away, or passed on, or passed over. I remember – oh, about ten years ago – when we in Britain used to say that “So and so has died.” For some reason we don’t seem to use the word “died” any more, which is only one word rather than two “passed away”, one syllable rather than three ….

Another stylistic point came in the discussion of the film Hunter Killer. The German film Das Boot was mentioned. Except that I do believe that it should be pronounced “Das Boat”, but with a very open “oh” sound, rather than almost a dipthong.

But of course, for me the major item in the podcast was the discussion about the Samsung Q900R 8K television. I notice that there have been several online reviews about it, indeed two separate people have have reviewed it twice! Not so much for the 8K resolution, which I'm fully prepared to accept offers an advantage in detail over even 4K, but for the 85" size. To the best of my knowledge there isn't another direct-lit (as opposed to edge-lit) 85" to 88" television currently available in Britain, so this will fill a gap in the market. (Two years ago Samsung themselves had the direct-lit with local dimming UE88KS9800 television, but last year's 88-inch model was edge-lit.) I'm curious to see how the 75" size will compare with the new Sony 75ZF9 (£4,999), as well as with Samsung's own 75Q9FN which is only a few months old, now at £5,399. Also in the discussion at a similar size is LG's 77C8 OLED which like this 75" 8K Samsung costs £6,999. Exciting times and options for anyone looking for a 75 or 77-inch television! Mr Withers himself would not pay for the Samsung 75Q900R 8K television, but there are several on this forum who would indeed give money and houseroom for a 75" or 77" machine. For me, I'm just hoping that the price of the 85" version will come down a bit over the next several months, because it's the only game in town especially as LG's 88" 8K OLED seems to be only a display-at-shows item rather than being anywhere near getting to market, and at God only knows what price. An 85" direct-lit machine would look nice in my parlour ....

Oh, if this Q9000R series turns out to be Samsung's final attempt with LED-lit LCD televisions before they change to a new technology, it reminds me of 2013, which was the last year of plasma. Both Samsung and Panasonic produced their final plasma televisions which were better and brighter than anything they had previously done, plasma indeed went out on a high.
I think the best example of “Hollywood Accounting” was Superman Returns, where the budget included the $100m spent on developing various projects throughout the 90s.
I just rewatched Superman Returns recently after someone pointed out that it should be treated as a Sequel to Superman / Superman 2 (and the other two should be forgotten about completely).


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Haha just checked, the 85" Q900R weighs 84.7 kg with box. Good luck getting that to the fifth floor :rotfl:
Hmm, quite inefficient packaging by Samsung. The 85" television itself, with stand, weighs "only" 57.7 kg, so the packaging weighs 27 kg, nearly almost half as much as the television itself! I can't think why the packaging weighs so much - my Sony 75ZD9 weighs 45.1 kg with stand, and its packaging weighed 13.9 kg, which is considerably smaller proportion of the whole than this 85" Samsung's packaging!

Steve Withers

Whether it's 84.7kg or 57.7kg, I still don't fancy trying to lift it Ken.


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Indeed Mr Withers Sir, I think that the two Richer Sounds delivery men who brought my Sony 75ZD9 package (59 kg) in April were quite pleased that in my block of flats I live on the first, rather than the fourth, floor! :)


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