AVForums Podcast: Episode 237 - 17th September 2018

Phil Hinton

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00:00:29 – Holidays, updates and rants
00:06:19 – Current Competitions
00:08:14 – Directors campaign for ‘Reference Mode’ on TVs
00:17:56 – Steve reviews the Hisense 75U9A ULED TV
00:36:00 – Ed reviews the Klipsch R41 PM powered speakers
00:45:50 – Does anyone care about the latest iPhones?
00:52:35 – Upcoming reviews
00:54:41 – Steve reviews The Predator
00:59:30 – Films opening this week – Mile 22, Peppermint, A Simple Favour, The Little Stranger, and The House With a Clock in its Walls
01:02:35 – Disc releases this week – Deadpool 2, Salvador, Gotham Season 4 and Supergirl Season 3
01:06:15 – 4K Ultra HD update
01:07:23 – Purchased movies are disappearing from iTunes
01:09:07 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright

The podcast returns on the 8th of October.

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Another fine pod-cast a usual, although as listeners will not be able to get their fix for the next 3 weeks or so, I do wonder if you are in collusion with the anti-depressant manufactures to fill the gap while you are gone. :D

As to 75” TVs, I had a look at them in Curry’s about a year ago (I had to pass the time somehow) and while obviously not set up for best performance, I found the Samsung (About £3200 I think) left the others (Sony, LG etc.) way behind in picture quality, but if you had any SD content (Probably 75% of the stuff available was ether made or is only available in SD) I would imagine it would look awful without a Lumagen processor in between, so I would be surprised if Hisense was up to snuff yet. (SD looks better in large sizes on a projector screen rather than a TV, possibly because the picture is not radiating at you, but is instead reflected)

As to Apple phones, then a lot of people are prepared to pay an extortionate amount for a badge, (And not just Apple) so manufactures are going to milk them for as much as they can get away with, but for most folks who buy a phone to do what they want, then they will go for an equivalent (Or better) model from another manufacture at half the price.

Enjoy whatever you are doing during the break, and just make sure you come back with a big smile on your face.



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In regards to phone memory, Ive just requested a 512Gb note 9 (if there had been a 256Gb one I would have happily taken that)

Like hard disk manufacturers Im not convinced phone manufacturers advertise the formatted or unformatted storage size , so 128Gb could easily be 116Gb once formatted and then allowing around 15Gb for android itself (according to a couple of recent reviews) that leaves less than a 100Gb -potentially.

being a London tube user who seems to spend most of my life on the tube, I don't need my whole music library by any means - roughly 2tb - but plan to d/l over 100Gb of albums / tracks immediately from Tidal in hifi quality (that certainly wouldn't allow removable storage to be used the last time I checked) , and being on the tube (and obviously a patchy signal in areas with the free wifi, makes streaming not viable) - I don't see 128Gb being quite enough, as I said previously would have gone with 256 happily if Samsung had chosen to do this imo obvious choice, but isn't an option.

It would also be interesting to know how much (if anything) Android requires for space for major upgrades and if this has to be main storage or if it can use data cards?

At least this way I know its on my phone and I don't have to constantly change it - or want to listen to something I haven't got on there......well at least until Tidal have the licence at any rate :)


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Ed, regarding the huge 512GB storage on iPhones, you are thinking about music, but forgetting about video.
Users who shoot a lot of 4k video will munch through that FAR quicker than simply storing music.
And people travelling/outwith wifi, also download Netflix/other movies to watch on the go. Again that takes up more space than simply music.


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Great show chaps, snorting with mirth on train this morning.

Hisense 75” has got to be heading for a hefty discount nearer Xmas, as only a madman would buy that over a Sony, particularly with the colour management issues mentioned. 75” LED for £2499 to compete with the 65” OLEDs?

Like the sound of the Klipsch PMs, sound like a cheaper alternative to the Kef LS50 Wireless, with the bonus of a phono stage.

As for Apple, I spent a couple of months with an Android phone as a work phone recently. Mr Cook and the lads at Cupertino can have all of my money forever, Android is like using a Speak-and-Spell while wearing oven gloves.


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My music is largely stored as FLAC. I listen to a wide variety of music so I like having a lot of storage. At present I have a 256microSD card in the phone which is still reusable in a future phone or tablet. At some point I will replace that for a larger microSD card. If there was even more storage I'd probably put some videos on there as well.

I don't know about phone cameras but the last time I went scuba diving was with a GoPro and I was recording in 4K and about 45 minutes of footage came out as 13Gb.

The cloud or streaming isn't an option as I end up all over the country and in some places I barely get a phone signal let alone 4G. Also a lot of streaming services tends to be MP3.

With Apple you buy the storage and if you do need a lot of storage you have to rebuy it every time you buy a new phone. I also note the headphone adapter has disappeared. i don't need one as I still have a headphone socket. I also had a fast charger with my phone, again something that is extra with Apple. Is there nothing they won't make people pay for?


It would also be interesting to know how much (if anything) Android requires for space for major upgrades and if this has to be main storage or if it can use data cards?
I have 64GB on the phone, 256GB on a microSD card. 64GB is more than enough for Android and for apps. Android 8.0 takes about 2.5GB of storage.

256GB is enough for my own content at the moment.

Android is like using a Speak-and-Spell while wearing oven gloves.
It isn't really is it?


Can't help noticing this is the latest ad from Samsung:



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Regarding Apple deleting content from iTunes, I entirely agree with your advice of buying the disc over digital download.

However, sometimes it's not possible. It's less of an issue with films but for several TV shows, I've been in the situation where the show isn't available on any streaming service provider (i.e. as part of their catalogue) and is on dvd only. Therefore, the only way for me to watch them in HD, is to buy the HD download from Google or Amazon.

I will always pick physical media but occasionally, the distributors are guilty of forcing streaming as literally the only way to watch content in any decent format.

Have a great time off Phil and look forward to the poddy in October. Thanks once again guys.


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Great podcast as always.
I can't believe your having 2 weeks off !
This is not what I pay for and I think you should be contractually obliged to put something out.


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just cant agree with that assessment of the Deer Hunter, its a beautifully made film with a emotionally charged narrative and some great action scenes.

Where I agree the wedding scene was a tad too long there some essential character interactions and there clearly needed to be a build up before the very symbolic wine spilling scene.

...... the headband and the squib, seriously mate? it was a prop, a prop in a film...that what a prop is for...?, it didnt get in the way of the narrative at all for me, no idea why that stuck out as being a major problem.

Everything about this film is fantastic, you sure you weren't watching rambo part 3?


Toon Army

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2 weeks off! Not listened to this week's edition yet but may wait a week, a bit like keeping a favourite beer in the fridge for a special occasion.


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Brilliant podcast, have a great holiday. The Iphone discussion was interesting. The most interesting recent phone news (for me) was that the Sony Xperia XZ3 would have an OLED screen. I currently have a Samsung Note 8 which I chose for the screen, but I really miss the Sony Xperia audio quality and Walkman software, I've had iphones in the past and whilst great, the xperia shaded the audio for me.

The mouthwash comment was brilliant!



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