AVForums Podcast: Episode 232 - 6th August 2018

Phil Hinton

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00:00:23 – Fantasy Island, toddler tanks and Mark’s job
00:08:44 – Changes to editorial
00:14:45 – Current competitions
00:15:16 – Sony announces AF9 OLED and ZF9 LCD TVs
00:24:49 – TCL launches UK TV line-up
00:27:46 – Ed’s album, vinyl release and playlist of the week
00:32:23 – Steve reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp
00:37:05 – Films opening this week – The Meg, Unfriended: Dark Web, and The Darkest Minds 00:39:54 – Disc releases this week – Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, Death Wish, Terminal, Blockers, The Death of Superman, Sex, Lies & Videotape, Batchelor Party, and The Truth About Cats and Dogs
00:42:53 – Upcoming 4K disc releases
00:43:50 – TV shows of the month
00:58:40 – Star Wars News: Episode IX cast announced
01:03:46 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright

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Ed my daughter was petrified of handryers until the age of 5. Hairdryers was less of an issue.

So there is hope.

As for YT recommendations, Cobra Kai. First two episodes are free. For the remaining 8 you need Premium. At the moment you can get the first month free. Anyway this is a must for any Karate Kid fans. Brilliant.
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Mr Quint

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I really hope that The MEG is at least better than Deep Blue Sea. I really enjoyed Deep Blue and still do when I give the disc a spin. If they get some of the attacks from the book right, this could be brilliant. The ending in particular could be amazing to see on screen, doubt it will reflect the image I burned into my own mind 20 years ago, but... lets see in a weeks time.


Big time fan of Hybrid, especially Wider Angle and Morning Sci-Fi. Their remix album Remix and Additional Production by... is also well worth a listen. Very happy with the new album and there's some great tracks on there like Superpower and Light Up. It's good that they've evolved and not just rehashing their old work. I'm currently waiting on the Hi Res and 5.1 releases before purchasing the new album. Should be stellar.

As for YouTube recommendations aside from the ones mentioned on the podcast - Slow Mo Guys, Smarter Every Day and Tom Scott get my vote for being well produced, interesting and well worth watching.


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Great show as always chaps.

YouTube is my first port of call for something to watch these days.

As a big car nut, there’s an amazing amount of stuff on there, some of it in 4K!

Channels like Carfection & Car Throttle do a mixture of reviews, build projects and more journalistic pieces. The up-to-the-minute nature of the videos can slightly ruin Top Gear/Grand Tour, when they review a car six months after launch, it’s old news.

Hoovies Garage is a good laugh as well, the guy buys cheap luxury/supercars that need major repairs, and you get to see what running a car like that could cost you. He has recently acquired a Rolls Phantom, with a few eye-watering repairs needed. £1000 each for window mechanisms!!


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Thanks everyone.

Regarding Steve's new position, will we notice any difference regarding the amount of content provided or will it go unnoticed to the AVF user? If he is too busy writing articles for other publications and you need a hand reviewing 2019 Oleds, I'm happy to help, of course in the interests of testing, would only be right to test for a year ;)

Watched a few of Kermodes secrets of cinema parts 1&2 over the weekend, thought it was decent, even the RomCom ep (not a big fan of them) was both enjoyable and educational.

Man....so YouTube has decent content too, just when Netflix/Amazon/Now/iPlayer flood our house with content there is even more...While the choice is fantastic, I have to say, recently been getting the too much to choose from (at least on Netflix), cant be bothered attitude (if more than 2 seasons exist) kicking in...I think it may be time to drop a few subs just to get through the content.

IFA - if you see any funky whitegoods, let me know, while this would normally bore many to death, I'm getting a new kitchen and have been impressed with the IoT tech these days on offer. Sadly I'm reading reviews on ovens the same way I do before purchasing AV kit, taking an age and concerned about the final choice :)


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Hi guys, another enjoyable podcast thank you. I wondered if you would consider discussing the Panel Lottery issue. I recently purchased an LG C8 Oled, it had really bad banding, exchanged it immediately and the replacement was really good. This seem to be a major problem and worthy of discussion.
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Entertaining poddy as usual guys, but three observations.

Firstly, although it wasn't picked up on I thought the comment after the chat about "Antman and the Wasp" with regards to it being more of a "B" movie was (possibly) unintentionally amusing.

The other two points are that I also enjoyed the two men and a fishing rod series with Mortimer and Whitehouse, as being a very easy going and gentle programme. Of course part of the reason I was watching this is that I felt a connection as I went through the same health scare as they did (wow how time flies, and not in reference to fly fishing) two years ago. If your still standing and breathing that has to be a plus point. Far too many people don't survive heart attacks and a triple heart bypass. It ran close for me but I was one of the lucky one's. :cool:

Lastly I also enjoyed "Inside The Factory" series especially with Gregg Wallace making supine comments and laughing out loud with reference to pulling levers and pressing buttons on machinery producing products like toilet paper and sausages on let's face it, extremely boring and mundane jobs. For many this is due to where they live and there are very little other options in life for them with regards to employment opportunities. But there's Gregg earning a very nice high income visiting these places while those he's interviewing, especially those removing stuff off production lines, filling up plastic containers, etc, etc (although I suppose someone has to do it).... aren't. As was said you can see the " I really do want to clock you one matey" by some of these employees and gritting their teeth through false smiles. As no doubt having been told by their employers.... "now give us a nice working image for the general TV audience perleese".... Thank you very much. :suicide: :nono: :lesson:

By the way it's too bleedin' hot :zonked: so i'm taking a sabbatical from driving around central London today hence me posting this at around 1pm instead of late afternoon / early evening. Well that's my story and i'm sticking to it, I can only take so much heat in a London taxi with dodgy aircon. TTFN LT. :hiya:
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A bit of searching proves Mark's job is actually a well know garlic farmer!

He certainly has large bulbs as was mentioned by the female reporter. :eek:


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I'm sure Death Wish did get a cinema release over here. I remember seeing the boards for it back in April.
V funny and informative podcast this week

If you like Honest Trailers check out Pitch Meetings..
very funny and clever on YouTube


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Not just a female reporter, that’s Nadia Hussain who won Bake Off and now has her own BBC series or three.
Either way we're still dealing with his hefty bulbs. :)

Kotatsu Neko

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If you want to see Isle of Dogs in 4K, then iTunes has it. I watched it at the weekend it looked pretty nice for an upscale. No HDR though, curiously.


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My daughter and I are with you ed, when it come to inside the factory.

Gregg Wallace is hilarious especially when it come to fake enthusiasm or is he really excited to learn that chocolate digestive are actually the correct way up when the choc is on the bottom. :rotfl:


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@Ed Selley - I didn't realise that the hand dryer reaction was common. Two out of my three went through this phase and grew out of it by about 5 1/2. It's particularly unhelpful when you're in the basement loo of the science museum trying to dry out a pair of (childrens) pants after an accident and the child himself is getting stressed by the dryer (and being half naked in public), for example !

Thanks, as always, for a good listen.



Never mind hand dryers, what's up with kids and escalators?

If you are like Bovvy and YouTube vids, look for The Chieftain.

He reviews various tanks inside and out, broken down into a couple of videos.


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Hi Steve, I find the Dolby Vision Calibration mode for Sony TV confusing especially as DOLBYVISION mode does not need to be calibrated.

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