AVForums Podcast: Episode 219 - 30th April 2018

Phil Hinton

Staff member
This week:

00:01:01 – Current competitions and some general chat about flaming guitars and jockstraps
00:11:57 – LG finally announces its OLED and SUPER UHD TV prices
00:22:02 – Steve reviews the Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos speaker package
00:31:00 – Phil’s thoughts on the Optoma UHZ65 4K laser projector
00:41:40 – Ed’s album, vinyl release and playlist of the month
00:48:05 – The gang's thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War
01:05:27 – Favourite films of the month
01:07:11 – Films opening this week – I Feel Pretty
01:09:13 – Favourite discs of the month
01:13:19 – Disc releases this week – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Hostiles and Gladiator
01:15:50 – Upcoming 4K disc releases
01:16:40 – Favourite TV shows of the month
01:27:40 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Mark Botwright

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The podcast returns on the 14th of May


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My vote has just gone in, Good Luck.


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Cheers fellas, top form as usual

I saw Infinity War at IMAX in 3D with my nipper and we both thought it was great....roll on part 2!


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Delightful podcast as always, a highlight being Phil cutting short Steve’s fantasy of shooting arrows into a crowd of marathon runners.

More importantly though, Ed.... u ok hun?


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Excellent Podcast, thank you gentlemen.

I saw Avengers Infinity War Last night.
Wow - what a fantastic Movie. I am quite critical of some of the Marvel Movies, but this is totally incredible.

The acid test for a 2.5hour Movie is does it feel like such a long movie, are you watching the time. No, not at all. Infact my friend even let out some wee and did not realise until he got up* Luckily no one noticed as it is fairly dark in the Cinema.

*avoid sitting in seat K11 - Cineworld, South Ruislip.

Greg Hook

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I know you've been getting in shape Phil but hadn't realised by how much, that picture they've used of you in the hockey mask and jockstrap is quite something.


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Great podcast again, also voted


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I think everyone gasped at the same point of the Avengers during the screening we saw - as Phil said that was quite incredible as was the silence following it. I totally get Cas’ resistance to giving a perfect score, they need to follow up and nail the landing. However, based on how this film was handled I’m pretty confident it’s a done deal.


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You definitely get my vote for best UK podcast (and second best podcast I listen to, sorry but I absolutely love “Junkfood Cinema” and their next/latest episode is “Die Hard” and they recently did “Fast 5” - btw NSFW as there’s no beep machine with those guys) ... for me the sign of a great podcast is if I listen to it a second time and yours and theirs both occasionally get an encore performance.

For another self deprecating Rock movie there’s also “Central Intelligence” I really enjoyed him in it.
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Voted added.

Hi Phil,

Check out FASTEST CAR on Netflix. I think it might be up your street. Supercars vs Custom Power Cars, including Mustang in one of the episodes.

Check out “Fastest Car” on Netflix
Fastest Car | Netflix Official Site

Please can we have an update on Cake Club.


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Great podcast guys. Love the length (fnar)

I’ll have a look out for @Phil Hinton at the Mustang meet up at Donington. It’s only a few mins away.

Lost in Space so far has been surprisingly good I thought. Only a few episodes in but definitely going to watch it all

Halfway into Brooklyn 99 episode one and already loving it. Right up my street. Our 1st sight of the new CO was very old gag but something made it just great. “Do the robot voice” delivered as dry as you can get. Ace stuff.

Which is more than can be said about Changing Gears. Sesh. Boring, dull and Aaron really left to do this?! It’s definitely more of a chilled atmosphere but hmmm it might be good for him it’s not very good to watch


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Will there be a review up at some point for the Focal Sib Evo?


Note Avengers - Infinity War

Thanos -

Thanos's genocide isn't justified.

First up, as I understand it, Groot is the last of his kind. This culling of half the universe wiped his species out.

Second, assuming there is a shortage of resources, Thanos could use the powers he has to correct that. He could move cold dead planets into the goldilocks zone, he could turn time back so those who died could be brought back, he could even, as an all powerful being, put in place a population control. If the option is genocide I'm sure a few would limit births. He might have the power to create resources from absolutely nothing.

Finally more will die as a result of his action down to how he carried it out.

If you had a 747 carrying 500 people and half were turned to ashes, then what if that included the pilot and co-pilot? Everyone else on that plane also dies. Plus those the plane lands on, if any. We saw this at the very end with cars and helicopters crashing.

What if the random nature means scientists and leaders die? The people a country needs? This action may lead to wars and invasions if a leader of a rival country suddenly disappears and the scientists who disappear may be the very people who could solve the shortage of resources.


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I have to offer a contrary view on avengers...

I only went to see it because #1 son wanted to. I was only familiar with iron man (saw the first 2 of those). I found i had no real connection with any of the characters and had no time to build any connection due to the sheer volume of them. That's totally on me, but i felt not seeing the previous films was a major downside to enjoying this. To me it was mainly a relentless series of fight scenes.

Some of the dialogue was very good and i especially enjoyed the guardians of the galaxy parts. Not knowing the reference of the start of the film wasn't a big issue to me, as i soon got the gist.

I appreciate that if this is your kinda thing and you have seen most of the previous films it would probably be fantastic !


PS am i right to conclude that Marvel have about a hundred good characters with their own films and crossover films, whereas DC have Batman, Superman, then Batman & Superman?

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