AVForums Podcast: Episode 210 - 19th February 2018


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Threads was the single most depressing film experience of my life. It is unrelenting grim from beginning to end but it is brilliant and it was utterly terrifying when it was first broadcast.
Agree, I posted a thread about it a couple of months ago. I remember as a kid it really freaking me out. I watched it again a couple of months ago - still freaks me out! Very gritty which is why I think it works well without all the hollywood gloss treatment! Saying that you'd have a job making Sheffield look good anyway!


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I like the idea of using a processor and power amps so you only have to upgrade the processor as standards change making it more modular. But wouldn't replacing a processor cost more that a high end receiver alone? Is there such a thing as a budget/main stream processor?


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Expensive cooking Pans are a good investment for security. When the wife comes home to that £50,000 AV System at least she will not hit me over the head with her expensive cooking pans.
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