AVForums Podcast: Episode 201 - 20th November 2017

Phil Hinton

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This week:
00:02:26 – It’s Black Friday (again)
00:11:00 – Current competitions
00:18:00 – Vestel TVs to get Dolby Vision
00:24:00 – Sony TVs and Harmony remotes get Alexa voice control
00:26:40 – Steve takes a look at the Sony XE85 and the Panasonic EX750 4K TVs
00:32:50 – Ed’s thoughts on the NAD C338 integrated amplifier
00:37:25 – Steve reviews Paddington 2
00:46:10 – Films opening on Friday – Daddy’s Home 2
00:50:08 – Blu-rays released this week – Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Big Sick, The Beguiled, Jabberwocky and Desert Hearts
00:52:10 – Ultra HD Blu-ray update
00:53:50 – What new shows do we recommend?
01:04:43 – Goodbyes
Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Mark Hodgkinson, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright

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Badger Mushroom

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Insightful pork chop info, thanks. I can highly recommend the pork chops from the Co-op, well trimmed and very juicy


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The wife gets fed up with all my AV talk, now I can buy her a meat shear thanks to the podcast, hopefully she will only use it on purchased meat!

Steve, the stutter in motion you mentioned on the Pany, while maybe a different processor, its interesting the Pany Oled members have up until last month been struggling with stutter too, having to watch most content in game mode as there is no fix yet.

Speaking of BF and Marks pricey LG :) LG aren't half driving the prices down, B\C for under £1500, 65" at £2250 and the pricey E7 (65") was £2500 over the weekend - crazy!

Any tit bits you can share for 2018?

Assuming either LG either haven't sold as much stock as they had hoped to and they want to offload before 2018 or is there something much better coming next year (I once again assume it will be more of the same with acoustic panels across all manufacturers, HFR, hdmi2.1 and maybe a bit brighter), maybe its simply competition, but with the Sony still topy its strange to see LG chop so much off the E series in particular.
Great for us punters though!

Steve Withers

Steve, the stutter in motion you mentioned on the Pany, while maybe a different processor, its interesting the Pany Oled members have up until last month been struggling with stutter too, having to watch most content in game mode as there is no fix yet.
I've heard about this issue but I believe that latest units are free of the problem, so it might be that a fix is on the way. I've certainly informed Panasonic all about it, so I know they've been working on a solution.


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Excellent PODCAST.

Black Friday, I did not wait as just picked up another LG OLED TV today from Currys. Only £1,350 for tye LG OLED55C7. That is a bargain considering it was £3,000 at launch earlier this year. WOW.

As Mark said in the Podcast, ‘price dropped like a xxx stone’


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I'm no Jamie Oliver but I thought you needed a certain amount of fat to add to the flavour of the meat when being cooked and stop it drying out.


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When are reviews of the Sony & Panasonic TVs due up? (Considering both as an option for new TV soon!)


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Thanks again.

Our Primary School flooded yesterday so an impromptu trip to see Paddington 2 was scheduled. I have to say my lot (9, 8 and 5 yrs) all enjoyed it thoroughly. We didn't even have a fidgety phase from any of them, which is high praise indeed. I'm happy to admit i enjoyed it and much more than the first film (which was ok). Hugh Grant was clearly having a lot of fun !

Ohh and thanks for the recommendation of "The Vietnam War". 2 episodes in and i'm hooked. learning a lot as well! it's back on iplayer FYI.


Toon Army

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Thanks folks for this week's edition. Any clues on what the team intend to buy on BF and CM?

Denon AVR-X4400H is my primary target.


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After you've finished testing and reviewing products, do the manufacturers ever complain about or question why there are greasy fingerprints and apple sauce all over their goods when you return them?
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I've never had the urge to watch Paddington, which I presumed would be of a similar mould to any other recent children's tale reboot (i.e. My Little Pony or Trolls).

However - Steve's review of Paddington 2 (along with Kumari's review), sold it to me. So I watched it without having seen the first. Therefore I had no bias and watched it completely fresh.

I absolutely loved it. In fact, (at the risk of losing some serious man points), I found it a touch overwhelming if I'm honest and was in floods of tears by the end. The screening was full of children and adults alike but I could only ever hear the adults laughing.

So thank you Steve for fighting your corner for this film. I don't think I would've seen it otherwise. I should perhaps try and source out the first film now.

Great podcast guys, many thanks!

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