AVForums Podcast: Episode 173 - 27th March 2017

Phil Hinton

Staff member
This week we discuss:

00:00:30 – Phil and Ed talk Wheeler Dealers (again)
00:09:45 – Competition winners
00:11:17 – Steve gets a look at Samsung’s new QLED TV line-up
00:24:28 – Ed group tests some earphones
00:26:23 – What are the best TVs for gaming?
00:35:38 – Steve reviews Beauty and the Beast
00:43:16 – Films opening on Friday – Free Fire and Ghost in the Shell
00:49:20 – Blu-rays released this week – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Bleed for This
00:51:34 – Mark gets excited about the six film Lone Wolf and Cub Criterion release on Blu-ray
01:02:17 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Mark Hodgkinson, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright

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Top job chaps, thank you.
The later Wheeler Dealers episodes have been a bit poor. Hopefully Ed cancan crack on with his own projects now he's no longer Brewer's gimp. The old stuff where he's tackling a battered M5 et al were the peak of the series.

Fast n Loud - one of the best things on TV; I feel sorry for Aaron, he's a very talented bloke and as time's gone on, the deadlines have become stupid and the builds increasingly less interesting IMO. One thing that had me yelling at the TV last week though...the whole Fast n Loud vs Street Outlaws thing. Not to be pedantic, but the BAE motor that arrived, with its supposedly overly high compression (13:1 rather than....12.5:1). It doesn't need a set of rods and pistons to back it down a bit - the Pro Stock 'guru' Richard brought in knew it just needed a thicker head gasket and a bigger top blower pulley, but there's money to be made I guess. It's the difference between spending $1500 and $300, perhaps I'm just a racing pikey...

I'll get off my soap box now :).

It's been a while since I did any proper gaming (CoD MLG and the like). It made a slight difference using a gaming monitor, though my (at the time) 8 year old 32" Panny LCD was excellent - very few features, so bugger all processing going on and it just spat out the feed it got with little fuss. When you're into the realms of those issues though, I found it equally as important to get a stable network connection (BT fibre, super duper).

Having missed everything at the cinema thus far, April will be a busy one. Free Fire looks brilliant fun :thumbsup:


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Watched Wheeler Dealers for donkeys years, I never had any inkling it was distributed to 220 territories!

Always loved the oily bits, but (quite) occasionally thought "What? Again?" when Ed wheeled out (for example) £10ks worth of machine that can diagnose air con leaks. I suppose it's supposed to be a glimpse into the equipment they use now in big workshops to make these tasks easier and quicker, obviously not "you too could do this at home and save £250 in garage fees" like the rest of it is.

Love(d) it, and sad news he's quit the show.

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
I find it astonishing, and not a little sad, that such a video needed to be made. If you are sending threats over a program that does up cars (and much as I like it very much, that's all it is), you need to take a very long look at your life priorities.


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I was hoping to sleep tonight but after that sign off (re projectors in the summer) its gonna be nightmares!!

There should be a weekly prize to who ever can guess what the main subject of that weeks podcast is going to be thats not related to AV in any way:)


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Last WD series improved a little, with less guitars and false jeopardy but not a patch on pre-Discovery days. There were a few bits like the old days, like Ed with the Alpine engine, and the Camaro.
Some of the cars just plain weird, eg Maserati Bi-Turbo but overall just don't think it survived US move plus the emphasis changing from re-building old Jag-wahs to Ford Broncos.
Watching Ed's youtubes, its sad but he has pulled out at the right time.
Can't believe threats to Brewer!


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Excellent podcast as usual but you really need to do another one we're Ed (at least - preferably all of you) are suitably refreshed.

Surprised to hear that it's @Phil Hinton who "hates everyone in the world", I could have sworn it was Ed.

Toon Army

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Thanks folks, enjoyed the podcast as usual and no need to dumb down to gain a new audience. Must admit that I'm still traumatised at the thought of Phil watching a film in just his undies! Definitely no need for an HDR image on this occasion!

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