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Phil Hinton

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00:01:01 - Intro
00:08:09 - Samsung
00:20:28 - LG
00:27:53 - Panasonic
00:38:06 - Sony
00:56:47 - TCL
00:58:48 - AVForums Coverage
01:07:06 - HDMI 2.1
01:12:09 - 8K Association
01:14:00 - IMAX Enhanced
01:27:57 - Wrap-up and goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Stephen Withers

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Not listened yet, but just want to say you did an amazing job being on your own @Phil Hinton

A lot of coverage and videos and all on your tod.

Good efforts from @Steve Withers too with all the news and write ups.

Really looking forward to listening on my commute to and from work tomorrow.
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Thanks for getting the podcast turned around so quickly, felt like a nice bonus episode.

Have to agree that some of the criticisms of the CES coverage were ignoring the practicalities of the situation.

In line with comment that Steve could follow the keynotes and announcements better from home, and with manufacturers withholding key information until their own events, how much value do you feel CES still has?


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I'll add to the thanks from the two previous posts about the coverage from Mr Hinton on the spot and Mr Withers back home. In fact when it was mentioned that some things were better monitored from the UK than on the spot at CES, it reminded me of watching the final round of the Open golf tournament on television. You get a much better coverage watching the BBC following the action on all the holes at once than if you are actually at the event and stationed at only one hole!

At about 45 minutes 12 seconds elapsed, concerning the prices of the imminent 85" and 98" Sony ZG9 models, Mr Hinton said "the 100ZD9 (from two years ago) was touching on twenty grand, wasn't it Steve?" and Mr Withers said "Something like that." Correction, gentlemen, not at all like that in fact. Add another twenty, and another twenty. The 100ZD9 cost sixty grand, see AVForums link or previously for sale here.

A few minutes after that, I was glad to hear that you might amend the previous AVForums policy of reviewing items only in the reviewers' homes, with these very, very large (85" inches and up) televisions that are simply too big to be moved around much between various reviewers' homes, like the existing Samsung 8K 85Q900R, the Sony 8K 85ZG9, the LG 88" 8K OLED, and the Sony 8K 98ZG9 - they might have to be reviewed on external locations.
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Just to agree with previous posts. Your coverage was excellent, thank you. Also, well done Steve for backing up, it appeared to me as if Steve was there too!


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Also, well done Steve for backing up, it appeared to me as if Steve was there too!
Indeed, I thought that he was actually there, and I implied as much in one of the threads from CES, upon which he swiftly corrected me!


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Great Podcast guys and great coverage of CES both on the news & video front.

I'm interested to see what Panasonic launch in February, initially delighted with the GZ2000 news and then somewhat disappointed on the hdmi2.1 news.

I can see their point, if the tv is aimed at the film enthusiast, they are covered. This model does look like it would be expensive, but adding the front upfiring speakers and a sub port is a great addition never mind DV, I think their sales are going to pick up somewhat this year!

As mentioned on the hdmi 2.1 video gaming thread, if 2.0b can include ALLM (which is included on this model), and VRR (not mentioned) I'd be a happy camper.

While other manufacturers have included them, can they include more than one feature at a time, or is it a choice of ALLM, or VRR, or eArc?

Would be great if Panasonic can answer that in February and if they are thinking about it rather than "watching the market".
Also interested to see what Craig was more excited about, will they also announce an 8K oled...

With QDots (on Oled) possibly arriving over the next 3 years, are Samsung going to join the Oled train or are the current oled manufacturers adopting QDots?
I think for the next podcast, beer should be reintroduced so all those NDA secrets are let out in the open! :)

Sounds like we have an exciting few years ahead of us, when is the UK/Europe tv launch date events again, Panny in Feb, Samsung/LG in March?

Toon Army

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Excellent podcast gents and very interesting to hear the back stories behind your reports and various products. No pressure Ed when it comes to your Munich reports.
The manufacturers' approach to hdmi 2.1 makes sense with the current technology available and also provides another selling point for 2020 models and their longer term sales strategies. A modular system for building bespoke screens in the future is exciting and could be the way of subtly increasing the screen size without the " other half " realising.


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@Phil Hinton & @Steve Withers Thank you so much guys really do appreciate everything you bring us, all the work and effort you put in for not only Us here on Avforums but the AV Community as a whole.

Loved the CES Podcast...on the Sony IMAX Enhanced topic I seen another Video from CES with the Reviewer stating that the Sony IMAX Enhanced TV's will receive HDR10+ Software Update later in the year, which would answer the headscratcher of why include IMAX Enhanced with No HDR10+. Would be good to have this clarified by you guys.


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Great podcast guys. Thank you.

I was wondering about high frame rates, are these tied to a TV refresh rate? (so a 120fps will need a 120Mhz refresh to show each of the frames per second?)

If so having HDMI 2.1 is not really future proof if a TV can accept a higher frame rate over HDMI, but cannot handle the needed refresh rate to display it anyway?


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I cannot think of adding anything more to what others have said already. So a simple "thank you very much" from me for all the hard work you've both put in. Luv from LT.... ;)


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Enjoyed that podcast too, thanks guys. Very detailed and informative.


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I would like to see in 2019 - TV Comparisons based on Internal Speakers as a separate category for audio quality focus. No one seems to be doing this consistently and comprehensively.

AVFORUMS as excellent HI-FI Reviewers are in a great position to do this.

‘BEST TV SOUND’ Category.


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Ditto from me - thanks to the both of you for all the CES coverage. I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to watching some more of the videos.

@Phil Hinton - i've recently discovered day nurse / night nurse pills for man flu / colds and highly recommend them !




interesting podcast and very informative.....I think that the whole TV market has too many variables especially with regards to HDR it seems at the highest level HDR10+ and Dolby Vision the difference is negligible and they should agree a standard and be done with it, hopefully one will die off....like Betamax

the Hisense double screen LCD tech is intriguing and if it brings OLED type blacks with LCD panel resilience at a decent price could well be a game changer

@phil interesting to hear you finally say that a WALL (TV) would take the place of a PJ :eek:


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If there was a "best in show" for best CES coverage, I know who'd win!

Brilliant overview of CES and your insight / opinions on modular panels potentially disrupting conventional tvs (at some point in the future) is interesting. I wonder if every panel would require professional calibration to ensure seamless transition of picture? If so, perhaps calibrators could be busier than ever.


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interesting podcast and very informative.....I think that the whole TV market has too many variables especially with regards to HDR it seems at the highest level HDR10+ and Dolby Vision the difference is negligible and they should agree a standard and be done with it, hopefully one will die off....like Betamax
Well, let's hope not, because Betamax was in fact better than VHS that succeeded!


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I've just had a look at Hisense and their ULed Line up for 2019...5000 Zones on their 8k TV, 1056 Zones with 2,200 nits on their Flagship 4k U9F. No mention of coming to European market. Never been a fan of LCD/LED Technology but that's a shed load of Zones.

The Tech that @Spacecat mentioned known as Dual Cell ULED XD with the innovative 1080p greyscale Panel bonded onto a 4k RGB VA Panel overlaying the LED Array. Apparently able to achieve minimum 0.003 nits also giving them 2 million brightness zones between both Panels reportedly 2,900nits. Dolby tried a similar solution years ago but hit a few snags along the way, so they canned it. Hisense has been able to fix those issues with this new design.
I've been shouted down for months when I said these old films just can't cope with the HDR conversion as the grain was never meant to be so strong. Interesting.


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Agree with the comments about excellent coverage. Thanks you both for your efforts.

I am afraid I do disagree somewhat with regard to the hdmi 2.1. Although many members of this forum may have a quicker than normal change cycle, I think the majority including me look to buy the best and keep for 5-10 years....especially considering the price of a larger oled screen. If some higher frame rate sport for example comes along in say 3-4 years time I would really like to be future proofed so I can enjoy it without having to make a premature change.

I know it’s impossible to be completely future proofed, but I am sure most including myself would pay a little extra on the price for Panasonic to put 2.1 in their oled displays this year. It’s unlikely but if they do I would be a buyer, otherwise I will likely end up with a C9 or have to wait another. Shame as the Panasonic looks fantastic....not interested in any of the audio components so the slimmed down version hopefully announced in feb could be a real winner

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