AVForums Podcast: Best Projectors 2019, Canton Soundbar, Parasound HiNT 6 reviews, 02/12/19

Phil Hinton

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00:00:00 - Sponsor Message
00:01:23 - What have we done this week?
00:09:33 - Current Competitions
00:12:22 - Editor's Choice Awards - Best Projectors 2019
00:31:21 - Canton Smart Soundbar 10 Review
00:38:58 - Parasound HiNT 6 Review
00:46:57 - Ed's playlist, vinyl and album of the month
00:54:02 - Knives Out Review (No spoilers)
00:59:36 - Cinema releases this month
01:03:08 - Films of the month
01:05:31 - 4K & Blu-ray discs released this week
01:08:46 - Discs of the month
01:14:10 - Streaming releases this week
01:14:55 - TV Shows of the month
01:30:27 - The Irishman Review (Spoilers!)
01:43:07 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Steve Withers and Mark Botwright

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Thanks for the podcast again guys.

You forgot one streaming release: Amazon Prime Video will be showing 10 Premier League fixtures this week.

Any word on whether this is in 4k/HDR/HFR?


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I was totally stunned by how good The Shining looked on 4K. As Phil said, pristine, right from the opening shot I was amazed.

Edit: Taskmaster is going to Channel 4 - so that's a better fit than the Beeb

Edit2: Completely agree with your points on The Irishman. Had to do it in 3 sittings over 1 day. I struggled with identifying the time periods as the de-aging didn't work enough for me, mainly due to the mobility as you mentioned. Having said that the cars could be used to place the time frame. However I do also sometimes struggle with films that have different actors playing different ages of the same person, unless they're cast very carefully. Overall a decent enough film but not without it's issues.
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I never thought I'd say this but I just didn't like the Irishman, too slow, needed at least an hour shaved off. All the performances were overly laboured and boring, talking about fish for 15 mins??? And couldn't place what age most of them were supposed to be half the time. Maybe it was just too late in their age and careers to have all these greats together, that horse had bolted along time ago. I find deniro's acting gets worst with age, very expressionless and no emotion...certainly not the masterpiece I was expecting


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I thought Irishman was great.

It is not a long movie when you compare it in length to Bollywood movies, a Music Concert or Theatre. It is an Event at this length. Might be an issue in Cinema, but at home you can pause for piss break or to fornicate.

Characters were more real then some of the over exaggerated personalities of previous Scorcese Movies. I watched ‘The Departed’ the day before to set the scene, but this Movie is far from it in tone and excitement.

What initially I though was missing - background rock music songs. However it was not needed.

Biggest disappointment was the quality of Audio shuved through 15.25mbps due to the Netflix streaming compressed compromise. There are 2 other Streaming services that look much better and sound excellent.


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For the record, the second time that it was mentioned in the podcast I understood the joke that the Editor was making about the Parasound HiNT ten!

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