AVForums Podcast: 30th September - Bowers & Wilkins - Episode 277

Phil Hinton

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00:01:23 - What have we done this week?
00:05:15 - Current Competitions
00:06:34 - Bowers and Wilkins interview with Andy Kerr
00:54:48 - Ed's playlist, album and vinyl releases of the month
01:01:27 - Film of the month
01:04:30 - Films released this week at the cinema
01:05:41 - Disc of the month
01:07:49 - 4K and Blu-ray releases this week
01:12:37 - Streaming releases this week
01:14:13 - Best TV shows of the month
01:30:25 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Andy Kerr

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Ed Selley

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Sadly the Dieter Rams BBC4 documentary that Ed mentioned isn't on IPlayer any more.
It's still on the hard drive connected to my TV so for a small fee you can come round and watch it :smashin:.

Toon Army

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Thanks for a relaxing podcast, the interview with Andy Kerr being very interesting. Keep it going with the guest spots.

Hotel Mumbai is also available in UHD on Sky and our planned viewing this weekend. Guess we will be watching it when the kids are in bed going by Cas' review.

Off to the cinema tomorrow to see the Roger Waters film of his " Us and Them " concert. There are only a couple of screenings at cinemas around the country in the coming days should anyone be interested.



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Great to hear from the other side of the fence, particularly about how companies have to evolve in current uncertainty. Having a broad spectrum seems to be a good bet for a company the size of B&W.

The likes of Formation (and headphones etc.) are not necessarily for the converted enthusiast, they are there to win over mainstream consumers in to the specialist arena.

Keen to hear more about Rotel and particularly the Mishi amp!


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I found the "Lo Fi Dreaming" Tidal playlist mentioned in this episode. But it seems that Soundiiz requires me to login to Tidal before converting the playlist to another service such as Spotify. Is that correct?


Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Try Lo-Fi Dreaming

Edit- they might have changed the link system- I'll have a look after GBBO.


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Good stuff and interesting to hear from Andy Kerr.

Any chance you can sort out @Casimir Harlow with a decent mic? At the moment it sounds like he's talking through the world's thickest sock.


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Really enjoyed the interview and can’t wait to read a review of the PX7 when it comes out, I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 which are entirely adequate but the fact it only syncs to one device wrecks my head, especially when I’m standing on a tram and they connect to the laptop in my bag instead of my phone.

@Ed Selley - good call, Sound & Fury is a fantastic album, interested to watch it On Netflix when I get a chance, also agree with you on Archer, one of my favourite shows.


Anyone needing an LNB let me know. All I have are Digital but very high quality and cheap.
New LNBs and Slightly used as I was installing them before they killed the free signal. I would like to have anything readable on the old one including a picture of the LNB and the Connection before selling one. I get $25.00 for all LNBs + 2.50 shipping in the US. New Dishes are available as well including Mounts.
Try Lo-Fi Dreaming

Edit- they might have changed the link system- I'll have a look after GBBO.
Priorities :laugh:

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