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What is your PC Game of the Year 2011?

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Please vote for your PC Game of the Year 2011. Members get one vote and voting will be left public. Please post a reply to the thread with your top 3 and a few short reasons for your decision. Feel free to make honourable mentions and highlight any Indie games you feel are worthy.

Thanks upfront for taking part.


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Gotta be Deus Ex: HR for me. Incredible game so far! Loved every minute of it. Just killed the last boss about 5 minutes ago actually :D


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Skyrim it is! :clap:
Will be my go-to game for a while now.


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It didn't get nominated. Feel free to name it as your number one if you wish. I will make a note and take it into account when I tot everything up.


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1. Skyrim.
2. Batman: Arkham City
3. Not really too sure, maybe Deus Ex?

Indie game would be To The Moon.

Deleted member 79803

1. Bastion (feels like it was made with an extra big spoonful of love)
2. Skyrim
3. Bulletstorm

Honorable mention goes to Limbo (think the pc version was released this year)


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Ive only played dead island out of that lot........:blush:


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Can't name a top three - I haven't played many games this year and those that I have had been a little lacklustre. The obvious exception to that is Skyrim which is my No. 1 game for the year.

Portal 2 deserves a nod but only as a triumph of style over substance IMHO.


I am having a hard time choosing between Dead Island and Saints Row 3.


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1. Arkham City
2. Battlefield 3
3. Portal 2


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It has to be BF3 for me.


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Only really got back into PC gaming in the latter half of the year after upgrading my system back in september so the only one I've played is BF3 which is truly Epic graphically and gameplay wise - so that's were my vote went. Looking forward though to try batmanAC when I get my 3D setup up and running at christmas.

Sniper Ash6

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Bastion - Don't intend to play
Skyrim - Intend to play
1. Battlefield 3 - Played
The Witcher 2 - Don't intend to play
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Own
2. Portal 2 - Played
Batman Arkham City - Intend to play
Dead Island - Own
Saints Row: The Third - Intend to play
Assassins Creed: Revelations - Intend to play [eventually]
Payday: The Heist - Don't intend to play
FIFA 12 - Don't intend to play
Bulletstorm - Own
3. Minecraft - Played


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To be fair i havent played all the games on that list. Skyrim is next on my list. So for now BF3 is my answer.

The MP aspect of the game is just so damn good!


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Voted for Battlefield 3. Personally it's between Skyrim and BF3 for me.

Any reason why MW3 isn't on there?
The honest answer would be, because it's **** and hasn't changed at all from the past 2 games. The "PC" answer would be "it didn't get mentioned when talking about potential winners", which in itself speaks volumes.


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Was proper let down by Assasins creed and batman city. Gonna keep an eye out for saints row in future sales as I've spent too much top dollar on full priced games that let me down big time this year. My vote would solely go to( cant believe it wasn't nominated but then again looks like noms thread was only posted 12th dec of which I for one missed) Dead Space 2(which I paid less than £4 for and had tonnes of fun could play it through again happily) if it were on the list most of the other contenders are RPG Which are to me about as much fun as going to the dentist :boring: Been a poor year for pc games for me this year other than DS2. Even Dirt 3 was pretty bad compared to Dirt & Dirt 2 Crysis 2 was also disapointing. Brink was ok too but a little short lived and not enough online player, worms golf was a good addition to the worms catalouge also I thought.

My votes would Be
1)Dead Space 2
2)Minerva's Den DLC for Bioshock 2
3)Assasins Creed Revaltions (purely as so little else did anything much for me)
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1. Saints Row The Third
2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
3. Dead Island

Doubt i'll get round to playing Arkham City this year, but that is the only other game i think would get into my top 3.

Really liked Dead Space 2 and Gears 3 on the 360 aswell.


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Voted for Battlefield 3, but it was very close between that and Skyrim. Not sure what I'd give my 3rd choice too as I loved Portal 2, The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex : HR, however after spending just a day with SWTOR it is clear that is going to be up there too.

My fave indie title of the year is Minecraft.


Not played any of the ones but think I will buy Skyrim eventually.

I started the year off waiting for my delivery of WOW Cataclysm that the Royal Mail sat on for well over 2 weeks I wen and bought it from the shop and sent the ordered one back to Amazon as they also screwed up on posting.

Very disappointed with the game and what with some guild upsets, quit. Moved to Rift and an realy enjoying it right now Trion seem contently try to improve the game. So my game of the year is Rift.


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1. Battle for Los Angeles
2. Duke Nukem Forever
3. Rage

That is the definitive list, ladies.

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