AVForums Movies Podcast: Godzilla vs. Kong - Can Bad CGI Ruin a Good Movie? (06/04/21)

Phil Hinton

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This month we watch monster smash-em-up Godzilla vs. Kong and discuss how the quality of visual effects can impact our enjoyment of blockbuster movies. We also find out your opinions on the best and worst CGI in cinema history. PLUS a live giveaway!

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:30 - Welcome
00:02:00 - Competitions
00:08:35 - Godzilla vs Kong deep dive
00:40:40 - Can Bad CGI Ruin a Good Movie?
01:06:10 - Picks of the best TV coming soon
01:11:00 - Patreon poll results

Presented by Tom Davies with Cas Harlow and Simon Crust

These links will be live following the live stream on Tuesday evening at 8pm.

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Nice Podcast Guys. I skipped the G vs K bit as I haven't seen it yet, but was back for the CGI chat this morning. The Lion King I think is the best CGI I have seen if you ignore tghe talking animals. Otherwise, I could easily have believed it was footage of real Animals


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"Kong is the John Wick of monsters" :D good one

Jessica Noir

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Great podcast guys, while most CG is thankfully above the level of the Scorpion King in the The Mummy Returns these days, I'm always in awe of the invisible CG, especially in Fincher productions. The VFX breakdowns on Mindhunter where outdoor locations are rebuild in CG to made them period accurate are jaw dropping.

For the people complaining about the lack of human characters in Gozilla Vs. Kong, Colossal from a few years ago finally combined a Kaiju with a depiction of alcoholism.
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Listening now and @Casimir Harlow calling Kong the 'John Wick' of the monster world has to be the comment of the podcast for me :)
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