AVForums Movies Podcast: Army of the Dead – is there still life (or undeath) in the zombie genre? (2nd June 2021)

Phil Hinton

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This month we watch the new Zack Snyder franchise starter Army of the Dead on Netflix and discuss exactly what makes a good zombie movie. We also find out your opinions on the best and worst examples of zombie movies. PLUS a podcast exclusive competition.

Presented by Tom Davies with Cas Harlow and Simon Crust.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:25 - Welcome
00:05:02 - Current competitions. Enter to win stuff
00:09:52 - Army of the Dead deep dive review
00:18:13 - Army of the Dead pixelgate. Dead pixels
00:24:33 - Army of the Dead picture and sound
00:27:40 - Best and worst zombie movies?
00:59:20 - Podcast competition. Open for about a week after this podcast
01:03:43 - Best of UK streaming services in June 2021

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Good podcast, must agree AOTD was not as good as it could have been & some parts were so predictable, would not call it a waste of my time but I did not care for any of the characters

@Casimir Harlow calling Ellen Ripley ' Ridley' a few times was something that caught my ears as well (wash your mouth out)

In terms of worse zombie movie I've got to say for me that goes to Boo! A Madea Halloween, what possessed :( me to watch it I don't know, but I needed an eye transplant after it

I must recommend you guys watch In Search Of Darkness, a 4 hour+ anthology on some of the most memorable horror films of our time, I'm sure there will be some zombie film classics in there that horror fans have as guilty pleasures

Keep up the good work enjoyable as always
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AOTD Only a 10!!??? I'd easily give it a 18!!!

Anywho, i enjoyed it for what it is. I did not se the Alien resemblance before you pointed it out. Perhabs i just went in with a "it's a zombie movie with Dave Batista" kind of mind set and enjoyed it.

I did not notice the dead pixels, but when some of the zombies was shot through the eye (eyes) there was a strange blue "light" . Perhabs CGI perhabs a glitch, dunno, dont care :cool: .

I like the premise of a government "grown" creature/zombie that accidentally ecscapes and wreaks havoc.

In my system it sounded quite good (turned up to 11). and the picture was ok. Didn't give it any further thought to be honest.

Great podcast ad usual! :thumbsup:
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Not a Zombie Movie person. Even the Vomit Zombies in The Expanse, & I LOVE The Expanse, both Book & Series.

Basically it hit its peak with Michael Jackson Thriller for me. 🤷‍♂️

Jessica Noir

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100% agree with Simon on the Blue Underground 4K release of Zombie Flesh Eaters. I’ve seen it on every format, from VHS to 35mm and this is a revelation. The image is as good as it will ever look and the Atmos mix makes the sound of petrol bombs being thrown so impactful.

Shocked that most people don’t want social commentary in their zombie films, especially since the two films mentioned in terms of being metaphors for Iraq/the war on terror (28 Weeks Later and Land of the Dead) stand out as being some of the few mainstream films from the period with a actual point about their, other than ‘support the troops’.

Any love for Return of the Living Dead Part III? Although most zombie films hit the same beats as each other, this unique zombie love story feels so fresh and having an BDSM theme (!) adds spice to the subversive mix. It would make a great double bill with Dellamorte Dellamore.


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Absolutely awesome podcast gents; I thoroughly enjoyed that. I think this trio has definitely found its feet and the discussions sounded informative and entertaining. Can't wait to hear the three of you again.

I was taking notes on some of these recommendations. I can't say that I've had an appetite (fnar fnar) to watch Zombie Flesh Eaters but I looked up the 4K set that Simon mentioned and I must admit, I am tempted. Sounds like an interesting release.

And THANK YOU for mentioning One Cut of the Dead! Cas I really hope you get to review this and please avoid all trailers / reviews online. Watch it blind. Robbie Collins of (Wittertainment sub) single-handedly spoiled the entire film (including the end credits) in his Radio 5 Live review. Much of the hype on social media around this film revolves around people advising "just watch it - don't read about it - don't watch the trailer - watch the movie."

Also - any love for Zombeavers? :D Worth it for the tagline and the fact that the filmmakers opted for physical effects in lieu of CGI zombeavers. Other than that; could add it to the so bad, it's bad pile.



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Only passing mentions of Train to Busan and Zombieland. I think both are wonderful.

No mention of Wrymwood and the Girl With All The Gifts (unless I zoned out). I wasn't that keen on the latter and the former is bonkers.

Great show though!

Russ 66

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Huge zombie fan, recent films I have seen that are available on Netflix and Prime which are half decent:
Daylight’s End
The Night Eats The World

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