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We don't know what it's like where you are but the snow is coming down thick and fast at this particular outpost of AVForums Towers, so time to cosy up and gather round the warmth that is AVForums Hot Topics.

Kicking off this week - and top of the pile - is a conversation regarding the actions of a customer aboard a ScotRail train in tackling a fellow, fare-dodging, passenger. The video has been doing the rounds on all the social networking sites so you've likely already seen but, those that haven't, can get it on the action here. If you can't be bothered - short version is the fare-dodger was unceremoniously dumped from said train by burly passenger. Ha!

http://www.avforums.com/forums/pc-gaming/1558965-bf3-online-pt10-here-you-all-equally-worthless.html is the fairly stark title of our second most viewed topic and it seems to be keeping our PC Gaming community amused. A lot more amused than the MW3 players suffering lag problems after the last update.

http://www.avforums.com/forums/blu-ray-bargains-discount-codes/1559504-20-hmv-voucher-10-a.html, no really and it's hardly surprising such a baragain is so highly positioned at Number 3! That will sort that outstanding Christmas pressie out nicely, thank you! Back in a mo...

Now here's some core Audio Visual matter for you; in fifth spot we have the feedback thread for our extremely popular - and, might we add, World's first in-depth - review of the JVC DLA-X30 3D Projector. Look out for plenty of reviews to aid your sales shopping incoming over the next couple of weeks here. Even my (extremely) long awaited review of Virgin's TiVo will be up for the NaTiVoity (yes, we went there).

The habitual Top 10 dwellers that make up the Panasonic VT30 Owners Thread show their familiar faces at 10. Not long to go now before Panasonic unveil the 2012 ranges at CES but will it be a VT40 or VT50... You can follow our coverage of the 2012 event here and we're aiming for our most extensive yet. Phil and Steve will be on the floor - video camera's in hand - whilst I'll be monitoring events, via a dual screen set-up, armed with a cup of cocoa and a packet of Pro Plus.

http://www.avforums.com/forums/general-chat/1558946-how-famous-you.html. I can answer that question very confidently from a personal perspective, not at all but it's actually just a question posed by member tvbox as to how many visits your profile page has received. Don't go clicking on tvbox's profile though, please, his head must be big enough with the 220,000 + visits his has received. Mine's a relatively lowly 1,324, at present. Thought I was more interesting than a cardboard box but apparently not. *Sniff

Since it's so nearly upon us, let's round off with a Top 3 Festive Threads:

9 more sleeps! Enjoy your weekend.


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