AVForums - Has it been altered to look different?


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I've just logged on to the AVF site, and everything looks totally different: a totally different layout, new horrible fonts that make the site look like it was created by a 6-year-old, lots of barren space everywhere, no nice separation of different parts of the forum from one another, and no background of any kind (just plain white nothing)?

So, has the AVF site been altered since yesterday, or is it my PC that may be at fault here? :confused:

Thanks, in advance.



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It's your computer pooch, you might have clicked something on the toolbar, try reloading your broswer a few times and failing that reinstall it.


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It's you,not us!:(
Best of luck sorting it.


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Ctrl + F5 mate.

Your browser spazzed out while loading the style sheets probably. Happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about. Just Ctrl + F5.


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Has happened to me before. An error occurs in loading the page resulting in something horrible looking - you can still navigate it though. I get the same on Youtube as well from time to time. :thumbsdow


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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. :) I worked out, that the PC I was using at the time, just needed a bit of a kicking, to get it fixed. :D


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