AVForums Games Team Roundtable: GTA V, Saints Row IV and the open world genre

Ben Ingber

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With GTA V and Saints Row IV both hitting the shelves over the next few months, the AVForums games team sit down to discuss the open world genre. But are they all aboard the hype train?

The team are as follows: Mark Botwright (MB), Manny Brown (EB), Stephen Carter (SC), Ben Inger (BI), Steve Hill (SH) & Leon Matthews (LM).
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I appreciate the little things in life that get overrated and underjudged. **** I want to make coffee on GTA. Then I'm happy :)


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Good points all, though I'm surprised nobody brought up the control system in GTA. It's changed little since GTA III and is really showing its age. I sincerely hope they switch to the "standard FPS/TPS" controller layout for GTA V, and alongside that improve the way weapons and vehicles handle. In this day and age it's a cardinal sin in an open-world game for a player to die simply because he can't manipulate his arsenal as effectively as possible - something GTA IV was extremely guilty of, whereas SR3 got it spot on.

Might be anathema to some gamers who crave the filmic aspects of GTA, but I would also appreciate a little less realism in GTA V - I am happy for the world the players exist in to be realistic, but I want to be able to evolve my player(s) from easily-killed weakling to unstoppable death dealer as I progress in the game. This is another thing I felt GTA IV lacked - at the end apart from having a few more weapons, Nico was basically the same guy we got control of at the start of the game - he still died almost as easily as he did at the beginning, and it felt like a chore to gather up weapons to go on a random rampage. The attributes we've seen some detail on may be the answer to my prayers on this.

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Ive never seen the attraction with the GTA series,awful cumbersome controls,repetitive simplistic missions ie- go here-collect this/take that-comeback.get there in a certain time..series hasnt changed apart from eye candy.


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GTA is kind of YAWN! for me at the moment. Seriously been there, done that so many times. I can't believe they are just recycling the same cities over and over. It's so lame. Definitely not picking this one up although I bought the last one at launch.

As far as open world games are concern there is only one on my mind: Tom Clancy's The Division.

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