AVF Oxford Meet Up 5th of July


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For those interested I was thinking that it might be worth a trip into Oxford for Alice's Day which is on the 5th of July Alice's Day | The Story Museum Lots of different events go on throughout the day.

Transport - Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach run 24/7 coach services to and from London
Oxford Tube | coaches up to every 10 minutes | 24 hours a day between Oxford and London
Home: X90 : Oxford Bus Company
Both are around £17 for a day return. Trains are of course available, but I never use them, prefer the coach. Coaches take about 90 minutes, depending on traffic in Central London and Oxford.
For those wanting to drive to Oxford, you'll probably have to use one of the Park and Rides. Parking in the city centre of Oxford is abysmal at the weekends - Oxford City Council - Park and Ride

Places of interest -
The Ashmolean, just remember to have some spare change so you can stow big bags into the lockers, some of the staff get a bit tetchy about it. Otherwise it's one of the best museums in the country -
The Ashmolean Museum: Home page of the Museum

Oxford University Museum Of Natural History (it's just reopened after a £2 million restoration of the wonderful Victorian glass roof) -
O.U.M.N.H. Homepage

Pitt Rivers which you gain entry to via the Natural History Musuem (so it's 2 for 1 really)
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

The Botanic Garden, It's around £4 to get in. -
Botanic Garden

Oxford's Covered Market, a good place to get lunch and explore. I recommend Brown's Cafe however it's usually packed on a Saturday -
Oxford Covered Market, Shopping Oxford and Indoor Market Oxford | Oxford Covered Market

Various colleges, some are open to the public and some aren't. It's pot luck for some of them.
Though Christ Church College and Magdalen College are usually open every day, unless they have academic things going on. Magdalen College has a deer park.
Magdalen College - Visiting Magdalen | Magdalen College Oxford
There is usually a big queue to get into Christ Church College at the weekends, probably due to the Harry Potter related things (marble stair case etc).
Welcome to Christ Church | Christ Church, Oxford

I guess the best meeting pointing would be Bonn square on Queen Street, though I can meet people off coaches and trains if needs be. Oxford is fairly easy to navigate once you know the rough layout of the city centre. It's still pretty much set to it's middle ages street plan.


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Might be able to make this one, I have a teenage daughter who would love it! and we are not too far from oxford :)


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This looks like a great event to attend, I've never been to Oxford myself. It is a little far out got me to know what I am doing, but it would be enjoyable to attend I am sure. I'll keep the date in mind.

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Great idea...I'll check with my boss a little nearer to the time...
I would have come if my son hadn't had a birthday party to attend.


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Well I was about for most of the day, but didn't see anybody.
Anyway if people do want to visit Oxford let me know and we can arrange something that fits
people's busy schedules.

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