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Been talking to the powers that be and its A ok to sort this out.

Righty its not long to the game and the demo especially so i thought it be prudent to take it upon myself to get the AVF scene into a in house league.

Before i outline a mini version of what i have planned what i need from you is this, basically interest from our forum members to see if this is worth doing in any sort of detail. Id ideally like a decent number of people to be involved but we shall see how it goes. Remember being part of the team is just that, we all have lifes away from AVF/XBL so this is understandable (and will be accepted should a problem arise) but if you think you cant play maybe onc team match say every week or so then it may not be worth signing up. I know its not alot to ask but dont let the initial urge want you to sign up to a team practise then decide its not for you and let your team down.

What id like you to do is basically tell me wether your interested after reading below, if you are please state so. Important tell me if you are definatly planning on purchasing the game or still deciding ie based on demo inpressions etc. Also id like your Gamertag if its not present in your avatar area and importantly your broadband connection both upstream/downstream if known.

Formal rubbish out the way now the fun stuff :D this is no way set in stone its just a outline that people can comment on should they want to.

Team Wise : My example will be on the basis we get 32 people interested in playing in a league, naturally for those that cant count thats 4 teams of eight :devil:

What will happen if we get 32 entrants is that i will basically create 4 teams from random people of 32. Why random you may ask i like playing with X member. This is because alot of AVF members have joined recently and it will be nice to mix it up instead of the usual suspects playing together so the teams will be picked at randomly. Also gets a chance to interact with people you wouldnt normally and will create a better bond to whole 360 gaming section.

This is were me asking for your BB speed comes into play. If we get say oh 4 people with GOOD connections they will be designated the team captain for Team a,b,c,d (names will be allowed, funny dirty names encouraged). For example i have a 10mb BB connection with a upload stream of 450k, i know munkeyboy has this same connection also so me and him will be for the time being designated team captains respectively. 2 More people from the 30 will be put as the remaining team captains assuming they want to. The remaining 28 people will be sorted into teams a-d randomly by myself. Its then up to the team captains to a) decide on team practise with their team should they opt to do this and to b) talk to other team captains to organise their respective league match. Ok so far so good.

The League : For the first league round this is all based on people wanting to play i will keep it simple as possible and it will expand dependant on its sucess and enjoyability.

Plan is for 4 Teams in a basic League playing each team only once, so thats 3 games per team, not something thats going to severly stretch anyones time and all will be able to play id have thought. After one full league if its going well we shall continue and pick 4 totally new random teams again for the reasons given above.

Basically thats is, unless less/more people want to play then # of teams will grown/decrease. In the eventuallity we get nearly enough players but an odd number, friends of AVF members will be considered for the league but they must join the forum :)

Now this is were id like some feedback over wether its worth all entrants while including my own. Id like to keep some sort of stat record for the players after each league game played in. Something simple like Death/kill number and ratio. Each individual player can note this down and the end of the game and pass the info on to myself. Why bother you may ask ? well look at it this way, say like we dont keep stats, there could be 2 :censored: players per team. imagine those 8 players somehow get paired together, not the fairest thing in the world so id like all 4 teams as evenly balanced as possible. You can add wether you think your competent or not as skilled, your more than welcome not matter what your ability. Also it will determine the top players by average over a couple of league rounds for bragging rights etc. Comments on this idea most appreciated.

Match/Game Type, Options etc : Now here comes this section. I will start a few polls etc to determine this once the ball is rolling. Maybe Team DM will just suffice for League #1 to get the ball rolling. Also is it best of 3 rounds winner for the game or basically a big 30 min game and the winner is shown at the end. We shall have polls for drones to be switched off/on etc etc. Also vote for one certain map for all league games or just random ones. First person option will not be forced unless its unanimously decided on. All these options i would like feedback to maximise the fun level we have with this league.

Again this is just a Rough outline of what i have planned ahead id love to spend some good time setting this up and having a ball on XBL with GRAW. remember feedback ideas are encouraged and thought on

I hope this was a nice read for you and gave you the idea of the sort of things im looking at doing for the AVF community of GRAW.

I dont think ive missed anything vital out please pull me up/query me on something ive missed out on. Hopefully a MOD can sticky this bad boy

Regards Kopite4Ever, PS sorry for punctuation, grammar, spelling etc


A Simple mini look at the multiplayer side of the game, nothing special but something to look at and thinkupon

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter includes all of the standard multiplayer game modes, with interesting options available for each. For instance, the “flag” in a CTF (called Objective) can be switched to an armed soldier that must be escorted to the home base. The host can further refine any game type so that each match is a unique experience (more on those below). The lobby has a Rainbow Six 3 feel to it with each player having the option to switch loadouts (and classes in this case) before the host launches the event.

The multiplayer game modes are as follows: Team Objective, Solo Elimination, Solo Territory, Campaign, Co-Op Elimination, Co-Op Territory, Co-Op Objective, Team Elimination, Team Territory, Solo Objective. More in depth info on each gamemode will be posted in the coming days/weeks to see what will wont work for us.

Multiplayer maps are completely unique to this portion of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and most are of large scale in the Ghost Recon tradition. There are small, medium, and large maps with a varying amount of cover and spawn points (spawn points can be selected between kills with the triggers).

Here’s a list of the maps and the recommended number of players for each: Fishing Village (8-16), Rocky Cove (6-14), Desert Gulch (6-16), Boneyard (2-8), Dry Dock (6-12), Nowhere (6-12), Old Town (8-16), Wharf (6-12), Treasury (8-16), Temple (6-12).

The hosts with the most will have many options to choose from before launching a match. Here’s a quick look at some of these choices:

Time Limit – match time limits can be set for either 5, 10,15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Kit Restrictions – Popular match mods are pre-set in this tab. The choices are: No explosives, Pistols only, Grenades only, No gun cameras, No silenced weapons, Silenced only weapons.

Team Start Locale (spawn) – Spawn points can be set by the host. Spawn points can alternate every round, stay the same, or be set random.

Team Camo – Teams can choose from about a dozen different camo types to further stand out (err, blend in) on the field of battle.

Auto Launch Timer – Tweaks of the lobby’s launch timer can be tweaked here.

Force Respawn – Those looking to keep their team’s casualty count to a minimum will be forced back into the match after a set amount of time.

Respawn Invulnerability – Keep this on. Players often respawn at the same time, at the same spot.

Force Camera – Cross-com (camera) imagery can be set by the host.


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter League Schedule

Fixture Week 1 :

Team D Vs Team E
Team A vs Team C
Team B Vs Team F

Fixture Week 2 :

Team F Vs Team D
Team A Vs Team B
Team E vs Team C

Fixture Week 3 :

Team C Vs Team B
Team D Vs Team A
Team E Vs Team F

Fixture Week 4 :

Team F Vs Team C
Team A vs Team E
Team B Vs Team D

Fixture Week 5 :

Team E Vs Team B
Team A Vs Team F
Team C vs Team D





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