AVF COD 3 Clan Thread


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As this is my only game so far its been my only experience of online gaming and im playing it nearly every evening.....i was hoping to organise some battles with others on here but how to go about it is the problem , so any ideas?????? Maybe a time and what venue ie. i set up a game...
Also , i think anyone interested should put their PSN tag on here so people can add eachother...here goes

PSN - yukichon

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Just bought it today ready for when I finish R:FoM.

Count me in; PSN ChiefSpaceGoblin
:rotfl: Yeah ive got this game, its good stuff, so add me (ID in my sig). But I apologise that I wont be online until a week on monday, because im on holiday in florida atm. :hiya:


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I have COD3 too feel free to add me, mostly online after 10ish

PSN = Digipoodle


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thats me and the kids

there never off the bloody game

give them a go

Daddy k

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now why dont they make the ps3, wii and 360 verions compatiable online!

360 owners could be allies, ps3 axis ;)

that would be great


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Is 'Verden' the only map in the game? Everytime I log on - it seem to be the only map running....Are the other maps pants or something?

When you log in , go to find match and then choose which area or battle type you want then search and it should give you a list or just select ANY on the map selection and you should get a choice of areas...


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And me ! dont forget me the cannon fodder ! PS3 = roboraver74


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I will be up for Sunday evening. What time?

Do we need to synchronize watches or something :rotfl:



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personally i think verdun is a rubbish map! a BIG fan of les ormes, you can almost smell the french countyside on that one:D always up for a game so add away! : shofukamachi


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Well it's now three days in a row that I have not been able to get online for. Everytime I try and connect I either get the message "Could not connect to all players" or "No sessions could be found".

Unless I can work out what is going on I will miss the Sunday shootfest :suicide:

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