AVF Blu Rays - Part 4

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The AVF Blu Rays


The AVF Blu Rays Football Club represents the official club used in Fifa 10. Our aim is to play as a team, have fun and have the desire to win. The club was first established last year for Fifa 09 when the first game mode called "fifa BAP Clubs" was first introduced.

# || AVF Name || PSN Name || Positions
09||Jonneymendoza||AVF_JonneyM|| Manager , DM, CM
24||tobi||tobi316|| Assistant Manage r, DM, CM, AM
07||YoungGun_UK||YoungGun_UK|| Assistant Manager , LW, SS,
17||bajere||Bajere||CM, RM, LM
||manse11||DaManse||CB, CM
06||SJP76||PU6HY||CB, CM, ST
03||mjsmith_2k||matt1986nffc||LB, LM, CF
02||Scorp1o||Scorp1o||CB, DM, CM
11||P-e-G-i||P-e-G-i||LM, RM, ST
25||Safe101||Assassin_S||RM, ST
20||sicoyle||sicoyle||lwb LM
||Kradiation||Kradiation||CB, CM
||Bees4Ever||Bees4Ever||RM, LM
15||Lisbonlion||lisbonlion79||RM, LM, CF, ST
10||derek1971||johnnybasement||LM, RM
77 ||Mattinho17||Mattinho17||RWB/RM
14 ||reudyfam||reudyfam || RM, LM, AM
16 || Ohpebbles||kr1pos || CB, CM
84|| Alberto_T || Alberto_Tiratori || RM, RB
|| Nanope ||nanope ||
4 || jord_SWFC||The_Assassin66|| CM.CB
22 || TitaniumLami || LamiPS || CAM, CM
69|| Kallinn || FutureDaddyICE||
|| Matallica13|| Matallica13||
|| Bogside || Bogside||
|| HDGlory||HDGlory|| LB,LM,CM
|| Drekkard || Drekkard ||LM, CM
|| Luca_Sacchetti || Luca_Sacchetti
|| Cheddar77 ||Ched77 ||
|| DrPhil || DrPhil ||
Brandon66 || BB3Lions ||
Primmy || Primmy ||
Phatmann || Phatmann ||

Unconfirmed Members that need their contracts extended

AVF Name || PSN Name || Positons
Tokoloshe Man ||( Tokoloshe_Man )|| (CF, RM)
colspark || ( colspark ) || (Defence and Midfield)
Forbez||( TForbez )||()
donlod||( Donlod )||()
Bojanglez||( Bojanglez )||(CB,CM,LM)
Fable_JP||( Fable_JP )||()
SuperSportBilly || SuperSportBilly ||
FreMM || FreMM || LB, LCM

Squad Pics<Work in progress>































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Important BAP Info

BAP Games BAP section where anybody can join 10vs10, no pass, no invites.

Locker Games Ranked club matches against random teams 10vs10.

Private Games Private games with password and invites, any game type and only 10 players max.

More explenation here: BAP info guid: - AVForums.com

**Rival BAP Matches Section**

In here, i will post details of any special BAP games we have againts a rival bap team. it will include info such as squad lineup and formations.

Main 10


x........x.......x .........x



Some of our highlights can be found here:

Position || Task
RB || defend crosses from the wings and provide additional support down the flanks
LB || defend crosses from the wings and provide additional support down the flanks
CB || stays at the back defending in the middle and only one cb can push forward for a corner
CB || stays at the back defending in the middle and only one cb can push forward for a corner
LM|| Provides crosses for the strikers and also support and protect the wingbacks(Main players that will run with the ball down the line)
RM|| Provides crosses for the strikers and also support and protect the wingbacks (Main players that will run with the ball down the line)
ATM || plays behind the strikers and whenever the player receives the ball, hold it for a while and wait for players to get into good positions.
DCM || protects the two CB's and occasionaly goes forward. if this player goes forward, the ATM must swap postions and protect the CB's
RS || This striker wil receive the ball, hold it, and make that killer pass to the other forward as well as shooting at any given opportunity
LS || Fox in the box player always the furthest player on the pitch and the one that is expected to be inside the box all teh time for cross's
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Just thought I'd get my subscription to the thread added.

Anyway, Jonney I know I had a go at you earlier but it's just that you don't seem to practice what you preach. I like you man and you do well most of the time (though I'd love to check your number of yellow/red cards - your worse than Scholsey. If there was a ban for 5 yellows you'd miss every 6th game lol!).

I'm just trying to ensure that we're a lot more open with our advice for others as that is the next step to us progressing as a team.


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Haha u all make me laugh, are you stupid bb last night you were acting like a little child. The game i struggled in was due to bad connection and how many times did i have to state that. It seems funny that your moaning about being greedy and your performance was disgraceful if we want to point out who didnt perform BB was right at the top of the list. Compare this to Bog and Ched who i fort were fantastic along with wild who played rb two games on trot didnt complain and played very well.

What else do you want me to do really, last night i only played 2 games upfront, played cm,lw and rb and lb if thats not rotation then what is. And before you moan at my performance why dont you ask bog and primmy how i played last 3 games, get your facts before making silly childish comments without knowing facts you seem to have a one man campaign againest me BB and its really unacceptable.

How old are u BB because really just learn the facts from where i played last night and my overall performance how can you judge when you werent even in game, the first game i played i stated at half time i had bad lag so your saying you expect a typical performance from myself when my connection was shocking il keep an eye out for where your playing now and how well your doing so i can give feedback to the rest of the side. Are people blanking out childish remarks by BB or is it me he was just chatting "ohh that was rubbish ohh our possession was rubbish" when in truth we were playing well but some people just dont get it.

And it also makes me laugh that yet again people as Bog has also stated go on about this one touch business and they dont even do it themselves comical seems to be one rule for some and about 50 rules for the rest

So we are all stupid for noticing your performance, good to know.

I was commenting on the gameplay as it was very poor comparing it to the last few nights games, your style of play is poor your teamwork play is poor and it's not reviewed from just last nights it's been noticed for a while. You may swop positions and choose LB RB etc but you are always out of position and in the last 30 yards of the pitch attacking and shooting, which leaves the midfielder having to fall back to try and cover the space you have left otherwise we get counter attacked.

Like i said i quit as my gameplay was suffering due to your level or sportsmanship, i prefer not to play online with people like yourself as i like team sports not solitary ones.

Also there is no need to start throwing personal insults around about ages etc, it just enforces the fact you are as childish as you sound.



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I also must add BB do u see anyone else complaining about my peformances please tell me if you can see anyone saying that i played poorly as i carnt see on any thread people saying it ?

Well i suppose everyone has there own opinion, but obviously some maybe incorrect but oh well you can think what you think just look at the facts as Rafa would say. Il just make notes next time with good points and bad points of in depth gameplay of our game if thats alright BB so we can compare positioning of every player and level of mistakes :) . Talking about people who deserve more credit i have to say there were many players playing really well last night. As i have said Wild had two cracking efforts at right back and Tobi played really well in a few games at back along with others i must add. Just look at our form heading back the right way which is good to see also our team spirit was really good however some people think otherwise. The example of this was in my final match where we were 2 - 1 down with 5 mins remaining and i managed to get 2 goals to win the game after great teamwork by primmy and Bog which was really great to see. Was really happy with performances last night unlucky in a few games but we can take the positives. BB any other players you want to say you werent happy about or just me ? im happy to listen :smashin:
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I've commented enough times recently when people have played bad/done things wrong, but I can't say I've personally ever seen The Assassin have a really bad game, I'd go as far to say he's most definitely one of the better guys to have in the team!

@ JM, lol, you are definitely the Scholesy of the team!! Again, I noticed a couple of iffy performances (getting caught on the ball) but then there was another where me and you were in CM together and thought we did well with quick distribution.

I'd say my biggest frustration from last night was people upfront recieving teh ball and instantly turning towards goal. Did anyone see Rooneys lay off for Man U's first the other night? Simple yet brilliant - that's what strikers should do. (Ok, I know this isn't always possible, but it should be done whenever possible)

Oh, and finally, Tobi, mate, you had a stunner in one of those games last night upfront! It was like having our very own Drogba, vwp!


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gonna stick my oar in here as i have been singled out as having played particularly bad;

1. I havent been playing BAP for a while.
2. Assassin played well in my opinion
3. JM played as only JM can....we do our bit for care in the community (joking mate)

I have seen you consistently turn, trick and blast your way around pitch with no team play in mind.

Great so when most of us werent online this week it was brilliant play was it????? See my previous post in AVF3 where i asked who was playing when 30yrd screamers were going in, tricks were being performed, dribbles and runs down the wing were working......

BTW my pass rate has never fallen below 69% per game and had 2 assists in the game where we were 3-1 down (plus a goal)....so to say i was bad was a little harsh....


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I didnt think we played too bad on Friday night TBH. There was some games that didnt go so well and some that did. Mixed bag but we are notgoing to reach the heights we did on Thursday all the time. And just a little note about Thursday. Our level of opposition wasnt that great so that helped in our performances.

I certainly never noticed any bad performances on Friday from any individual. Errors were made at times but thats always going to happen. And thats when we need to encourage.

Just a small complaint about you JM. That game were you were banging in the crosses from the right. Many times i was in support and made the runs for a little pass inside which on many occasions would have put me through in on goal but the passes just didnt come. Very frustrating. And your tackling was very reckless and when you got sent off early in a game, "took one for the team" if you remember, well it cost us big time. So early in the game you never needed to do it. But i dont mean to sound critical just something to try and improve on.

Assasin and BB, try and sort out your differences lads :lesson:

How did it go last night? Will be on tonight hopfully.

*Tobi, that game where you destroyed the opposition :clap:
:rolleyes:Cant belive my volley hit the bar...DAMN!


I'l try and lay it off next time but i did not notice you as free my bad.

Seems like bb3 and assasin are the only ones who have issues? if so could you guys start a clean slate and try and get a long please?

Im happy to deal with particular people who are adding a bad taste to our team but only if more than one complain about that player. Anyways i be on later during the day for some bap if anyone is on?


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Well if the people who agreed with my grievance via PM had of mention it here then it wouldn't of looked like i was personally attacking assassin, however since that is not the case then it's over.

I'm not going to apologise as i still believe in that instance i was correct in my review of the gameplay of them players on the evening.

Done and dusted.



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Well if the people who agreed with my grievance via PM had of mention it here then it wouldn't of looked like i was personally attacking assassin, however since that is not the case then it's over.

Hey don't think you were being hung out to dry mate!

DrPhil said:
Most people do want to know when they're a problem so they can adjust and improve. Some know what they're doing and don't care. BB told people off for things last night and got sarcasm back and any bad play was then justified by the fact that that person scored a goal.

89 minutes of poor play and 1 minute of good play with a goal doesn't make someone a good team player.

malariaboy said:
i think any one who was on chat knows who , especially liked the hero comment . with the reply " i scored didnt i " classic . stick with it bb

We didn't name names but there's no secret it was Assassin we were on about. But as you said, onwards and upwards, no sense dwelling!


who else was in teh chatroom when it happened? if its more than just you 3 i would like the others to come out and say about assasin unless others dont mind him having that attitude as long as he scores? if so that is wrong.


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who else was in teh chatroom when it happened? if its more than just you 3 i would like the others to come out and say about assasin unless others dont mind him having that attitude as long as he scores? if so that is wrong.

It's not OK for anybody to be a greedy **** but score. I personally haven't noticed much wrong with sass though tbh. He blows his own trumpet but he has played fine when I've played in a team with him.


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The doc hit the nail on the head, no need in dwelling no good for the team in general.

Apologies Assassin just after the previous nights games which were so enjoyable including the friendlies between ourselves i didn't enjoy the roll back to old style footy Blu Ray style. I'm taking a break from BAP i get far too serious and hung up over tactics positioning so on and so forth; blame it on my past PC gaming!

Have fun



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That first post should either come with a health warning or an 18 certificate. Was sitting with my 3 year old daughter when Sicoyle's photo popped up...........


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just to add i never played in the game in question i just joined chat after and was privvy to the conversation . thats how i know who it was about and just found the reply amusing . im not going to fall out with people over a game . lets just play like we have been doing lately with good passing and unselfish assists :thumbsup:


Quality stuff last night. good passing and some nice one two's by me and others.

YG scored a good goal and worked hsi socks off. i got motn in one game.

i think my performance last night was much better than previous nights thanks to you guys critisisms. keep them coming i'd say. only makes me a better player :)


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Morning chaps,

I hope to be back on tonight.

@ JM, what does a girl have to do to get on the AVF Blu Ray list????
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