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I Spiritus I

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Hello Guys,

Could you please post your forum name and gamertag in this thread and I'll add it to this post.

Can all admin please make sure they check this thread regularly to make sure you don't accidentally kick a forum member who may not have the AVF tag in front of their name.

Could a mod please sticky this?



Forum Name | Gamertag
I Spiritus I | I Spiritus I
rchads89 | BEERF4RT
Lungwun | Lungwun
Tsara Bomba | Tsara Bomba
KirkSi | KirkSi
l Dowson l | l Dowson l
Jimster71 | Jimster71
DR Kronenbourg | DR Kronenbourg
stellamandude | stellamandude
maby66 | maby66
woody10381 | woody10381
Mavrick1881 | Mavrick1881
Charlts | Charlts
Cogsy666 | Cogsy666
SmAShY | SmASh0r09
WizzardsCuff | Abbylad
Holodrone | Holodrone
pixelpixel | pixelpixel
Monkeytom95 | tomelli
King Benneth | King Benneth
hods001 | hods001
iPooooon | IvPWNvUvALL
dcraggs | KouranII
briggsyrfc | briggsyrfc
tigernuts | tigernuts
RedAl | OleSolskjaer99
MadagascAL | MadagascAL
bearman3784 | bearmanggg
itbrvilla | Diehard Villan
Col73 | CFLC
King Benneth | King Benneth
Noggleboggleman | Noggleboggleman
Overlord69 | Overlord UK
BigNevster25 | Nevcfc25
Reecie | Reecie
sdb123 | sdb 123
Leckytech | P4UL CL4RK
King Tones | Deftones1210

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Forum name is the same as my Gamertag. Lungwun.
I have [AVF] as my clan tag on battle log too.


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Forum Name: Tsara Bomba
Gamertag: Tsara Bomba


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[woody10381] for both....!

Just to add - currently not sporting AVF tags as I usually play with a couple of guys whom aren't affiliated with the site (Yorkie1981 & Jimbob2902).
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Cogsy666 on here and xbox. Don't have AVF tags since battlefield bad co 2 as it would empty servers lol but its in my bio.


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Forum Name: SmAShY
Gamertag: SmASh0r09

I am normally also on with some of the following: I am El Vino, lt0dante, lobbby, BerserkCanning and cammyspam. So if it is possible to not boot any of those guys, I'd appreciate it :D (Although I get that there will be times when they might have to be booted to make way :smashin:)


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GT - Abbylad......when i get chance :(

I Spiritus I

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Original post updated :thumbsup:.


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Hey up..

kouranii on xbox..and pc.. dcraggs here...

Always avf in my prefix.. loud and proud.

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