Average Brit will Spend over Two Hours Interacting with Tech on Xmas Day


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The average Brit will spend over two hours glued to a phone or computer screen this Christmas Day, it emerged this week. Nearly half of the 2,000 Brits questioned will check their emails on the big day, while time on Facebook, surfing the web and shopping online will feature heavily amid festivities. We'll probably guilty of this too, beats the Queen's Speech, right. You're all more than welcome at AVF for a glass of port and a mince pie too!

Going on iTunes to use gift vouchers, downloading apps instead of watching endless repeats on TV and even looking up the value of gifts will also be commonplace, it emerged.

One in three plan to update their Facebook status or 'tweet' on Christmas Day, six in ten will shoot video and snap family pictures on their smartphone and over half plan to post a photo online.

Others will boast about their presents or 'amazing' Christmas dinner on a social networking site. We'd imagine some will be doing the opposite and bemoaning the sprouts and dodgy sweaters too!

Yesterday Kevin Savage from the mobile app Celebalike, which commissioned the study, said: ''We use our smartphones in so much of our daily lives and the results show that Christmas Day is no different.

''In fact, the holidays prompt even greater use of the technologies we have available to us and can be used to make the day even more memorable.

''But there is room for technology and tradition, and if it's used to increase people's interaction with one another on the day, capture memories or get the family laughing then perhaps the smartphone's growing presence at Christmas is understandable.''

The study found the average smartphone user will spend one hour and nine minutes using their device on December 25th, with a further one hour and eight minutes on their laptop.

And technology clearly now has its place at the Christmas table as 40 per cent of Brits admit they'll have their phone on them while tucking into the turkey. Well they do fit in pockets!

Fifteen per cent will go one step further and have it out next to their plate. And this wrong readers. Very wrong!

Whether using their phone to amuse the kids or showing older relatives what modern technology can do, the smartphone is set to play a big part in family festivities.

As well as capturing the scenery with photos of family walks or uploading pictures of the kids opening their presents, Brits say they'll use their smartphone to record programmes or check the weather, while others will wish family a merry Christmas with a video call.

And 43 per cent of people say they're considering purchasing a new app this Christmas Day while three in ten are hoping Father Christmas brings them iTunes vouchers. We haven't the heart....

A fifth of Brits say they will be shopping online on Christmas Day, while a cheeky 25 per cent will spend time on the internet finding out how much their gifts cost. They must have asked my Sister.

And should they not receive the music or DVD they were hoping for, 30 per cent of Brits will download them that very day, while many plan to redeem online vouchers straight away.

In fact, when it comes to the Christmas television schedule, many people prefer to take things into their own hands rather than watch repeats, while eighteen per cent describe their on-the-box watching as 'usually a let-down'.

Kevin Savage from Celebalike added: ''Over the last two years we have seen a dramatic increase in activity peaking on both Christmas and New Year's day.

''People have always looked for ways to entertain themselves and their family when everyone is together and that hasn't changed - the difference is that now that entertainment is accessible at our fingertips and new content is so easily discovered.

''Apps like Celebalike can bring the family together in a far more interactive way and ultimately the often hilarious results can be tweeted to involve absent friends or family.'' - You knew the plug was coming!

Firing up the laptop or computer was deemed more unsociable than using a smartphone for a third of Brits, while other Christmas Day no-no's include listening to your ipod, playing a games console, browsing social networks and reading e-books.

And people will also turn to their phones to help with the cooking - using them as a stop watch or timer to help perfect the Christmas dinner.

While others let down by cheesy cracker jokes say they'll be using their smartphone to find a good joke.

1. Check e-mails
2. Go on Facebook
3. Take pics of relatives
4. Take video of the kids
5. Take pics while on a family walk
6. Check news online
7. Play an app
8. Surf the web
9. Check the weather via app or online
10. Upload pic to social network
11. Chat online
12. Browse Twitter
13. Upload pic to computer
14. Make a video call via the web
15. Listen to music on ipod/phone
16. Download a new app
17.Watch a film on laptop/ computer
18. Read an e-book
19. Record a film/TV programme with an app
20. Bid on ebay

What will you be doing?



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I find it rather sad that people would rather be on facebook than taking photos/videos of family and children. Still, 2,000 is an extremely small sample, and it was probably a targetted survey, so maybe no surprise.


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Well, I spent nearly all of christmas night on facebook, both on my smartphone and on my desktop. The reason? Well, xmas is a time to connect with family and loved ones and facebook chat was the easiest, most direct way of achieving this.


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I happened to play minecraft all day. And browse the internet, think I bidded on ebay too.

Didn't have family over, don't really have much contact with them.
Nothing on the tv <- Isn't that a surprise?
Seen all of the films I had.

facebook chat was the easiest, most direct way of achieving this.

You skype them! Free voice-voice and video-video. Nothing much better!
There's a particular samsung tv that has a built in webcam and a skype application, that would've been BRILLIANT!

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