AVCHD Playback from NAS-Sony or Panasonic Players?


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Hi all,

I have a large amount AVCHD files on a Netgear readynasduo storage device.

My current Sony BVPS570 does not support AVCHD playback via the wireless network. Some of the AVCHD files were created on a Panasonic camcorder and the majority on a canon HFS10 Legria camcorder.

With my Sony BVPS570 looking like it has died (refusing to play cars2 and a brand new box set of Madmen on bluray even through the firmware is up to date) I am left with little option but to purchase a new player.

I was looking at the sony BDPS580 or the panasonic DMP-BDT310. Does anyone have any experience streaming AVCHD files off a readynas duo or other NAS device to either of these players.

Thanks Again.


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I have a Sony BDP-S480 which is essentially a cut down version of the S580 and have tried playing AVCHD files recorded on a Panasonic SD600 camcorder. The files do play back but the frame rate is choppy due to the inability to set PAL 50 through the HDMI port. The player defaults to PAL60 and there is no option at all to change to 50 fps for the hi-def resolutions.

This is an issue that I tried to resolve but no luck since Sony do not support this officially. The only way to get smooth playback is to set the output to PAL 576i which kind of defeats the object of HDTV.

I'd look into the Panasonic players for better playback unless Sony actually decide to support PAL AVCHD properly.
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