AVCHD Editing: PC or Mac? Which PC? Which Mac? What Software?


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I have a Panasonic SD9 and now have 4 full 16GB cards of my son's first year that the wife wants edited into a nice disc with music etc (something I told her would be easy when I bought the SD9 !!!). :oops:

I've tried 3 or 4 packages on my 4 year old dual core PC and realise that its not up to the job. So I need something new.


PC or Mac? Which PC? Which Mac? What software?

I know I don't want to go 100% Mac and therefore the iMac is out so I'm left with the option of a new PC (any assistance?) or getting a Mac mini and using a KVM to share monitor etc with my PC.

Would the Mac mini be up for it or would I be better off investing the £800 or so in PC hardware?

If I go Mac then software choice is easy ... If I go PC ... HELP !!!! :lease:


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Can't go wrong with a macmini.
Editing avchd is easy. It gets converted to apple intermediate format on import. IMovie is much easier and faster to use than any of the pc based packages. While editing is fast , rendering to export format isslow but you can just let it run overnight. Good news is apple have just released new model - bad news is the price has gone up but it has faster CPU, more memory and faster graphics
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Why not go iMac and use vmware fusion. My virtual windows 7 run better and faster than I have ever seen on any pc. No need for two computers.

Agree with the previous poster, been editing from my now old tg3 for many happy years.

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