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Is there any way to convert the AVCHD files to DV so that I can author dvds? I want to keep the HD footage for future but right now I have to get normal SD DVDs out.


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If you Use Nero Vision 5 ( part of Nero 8), Ulead MF 6+ or indeed any software capable of producing SD DVDs,
As long as it takes AVCHD as input , it will in effect re-encode them to mpeg2 in the background
It should not be nessesary to first turn them into DV AVI ( even if you want to edit as you can edit the AVCHD first) as DVDs dont need the video file as DV AVI ( they use mpeg2) anyway


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Any of the editors which edit AVCHD (e.g. Ulead VS, Sony Vegas) can convert it to DV-avi. But as you have Premiere you probably don't want to buy another editor just to do the converson.

I've heard good things about VoltaicHD, I think it will do it, and it's cheap. It says it will convert to avi, not sure if that includes DV.



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I want it in DV/AVI format first so that I can edit in Premiere.

Why Premiere?
Good as it is, you are editing SD in essence.
I see potential quality loss in converting an highly compressed Mpeg4 ( albeit HD) format to DV AVI.. and then reeencoding this to mpeg2 for DVD.. just a thought:rolleyes:
I personally think there is more to video editing than Premiere (IMHO) and, who knows,( Even Premiere Elements is limited in its support) There may however well be an AVCHD capable plug in for Premiere in the pipeline
However for $30, Marks linked software seems pretty decent and may be all you need


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Actually I am still editing DV footage which comes from the other VX1000 cam and dont intend to move to all-HD for a while. The HF100 is for domestic and backup purposes. However, if I take some HD footage and use it alongside the DV footage then I need the conversion.

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