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Hi Hi just posted this on the denon forum but though I may as well ask you I might be interested I've got a KA1SE am really happy with which for all intents and purposes is the same as the A1SRit but it has not got up video conversion so I can only play dvd's through my projecor when I would really like to play ps games and my tv through it as well.
To get everything via the Component Outputs I'd need to have everything connected to the A1SE via Component.
If I was to get something like an A1SR would I be able to convert my ps (s video) and my digi box RGB to component and run them all through my projector as well as my tv.
Also does the A1SR detect which device is swtiched on for example if my tv was on it would play everything through s video to the tv and then if I switched my projector on and my tv off it would then ouput through componant or would I have to got into the setup menu and fanny arround?

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