AVC-A1HD to Sony LCD TV - Strange HDMI handshake problem...


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Hi fellow hobbyists,

Could anyone advise on the following frustrating problem? The problem is a little hard to describe, but here goes...

I have an AVC-A1HD connected to a 32" Sony LCD TV (KLV-V32A10) by a single HDMI cable. The max resolution accepted by the TV is 1080i. The amp's HDMI is version 1.3a and the Sony TV is either version 1.0 or 1.1.

When I switch input source at the amp or make a certain type of configuration change I will loose the picture and end up with a blank screen from that point. The picture will not return, even after several seconds allowing for the HDMI to handshake again.

The only way I can restore the picture is to switch the TV to a broadcast transmission and then after about 2 minutes switch back to the HDMI input. Note that switching back to HDMI from a broadcast transmission in less than 1 to 2 minutes will result in the HDMI input remaining blank.

The other interesting thing is that after switching the TV back to the HDMI input and there is a picture, I can switch the amp's input sources or do some configuration changes for about 1 to 2 minutes and the appropriate picture from the source will appear. After the 1 to 2 minutes has expired the screen will be blank again if I try to switch inputs on the amp.

When there is a picture from, say, DVD, as long as I don't switch input source or do a configuration change the picture will always be there.

Could it be something to do with a problem with the HDCP handshaking token that I think cycles every few minutes? But then why does the TV continue to show a HDMI picture as long as the input sources are not switched since HDCP is a continuous cycling process?

I've tried 3 different manufacturers HDMI cables - the issue is the same on all cables.

I didn't have this problem with a Denon 4308 connected to the same TV. Only got it when I upgraded to the AVC-A1HD. I've also tried 3 units of AVC-A1HD and the issue is the same with all 3. If it's the Sony TV, why wasn't the same problem apparant on the 4308? I'm a little stuck to explain this...

Anyone any ideas what could be causing this and what could be a fix?

I greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks and kind regards,



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Dear fellow enthusiasts,

I've confirmed that this problem is confined to interfacing the AVC-A1HD with Sony LCD displays using HDMI.

I've tested the amp on a variety of other manufacturer's displays and front projectors without any problem and non of the picture dropouts mentioned above are seen.

Hope this helps for anyone choosing this amp and has a Sony LCD display.




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Hi Denony,

Yes, i've updated the firmware to Sub rom version 00.58 to no avail.

Just the same before and after. I'm still stuck with having to do a work around. That is, be very patient and if I want to change input source or a configuration setting (that restarts the HDMI link) then go to the display's broadcast for 2 minutes and then back to the HDMI input. Kinda trying though if I want to make several configuration changes...

I'm still curious as to the "around 2 minutes" significance of the issue...

I didn't have this problem with a Denon AVR-4308. Strange isn't it?



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Don't assume the A1HD is to blame. Denon are usually quite diligent in getting their HDMI code up to date and in the past the older display has been found to be the issue so raise the issue with Sony also. A two pronged approach is usually a good thing!:)


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Hi Cable M,

Yes, I agree that the blame shouldn't be heaped totally on the AVC-A1HD. I don't want to do that. That's why I made the effort to lug the A1 around to test with several other manufacturer's displays. I was happy to get the result that the A1 worked fine with all other displays.

I've also had several devices connected to the Sony HDMI input (which all worked fine too) and talked extensively with Sony service.

Here is the basic draft conclusion:

1) Denon AVC-A1HD's HDMI output works well with many other manufacturer's display devices..
2) Sony LCD display device's HDMI input works well with many other manufacturer's sources, including other Denon AVRs and DVD players...

*** Only when the Denon AVC-A1HD and he Sony LCD display get together is there an issue.

So current conclusion of Denon and Sony is that each of their products are working fine. But they don't work fine together - so I'm caught in limbo...

What to do...? Spend more money I wasn't expecting to spend and buy another (non-Sony brand) display or sell off the AVC-A1HD and make a loss to buy another AVR receiver...?

However, if I was to keep both units and since the A1 is a new market device with Denon still working on firmware updates and the Sony LCD an older (2 years) product (with Sony saying they are no longer supporting the product for improvements), Denon is my best chance to come up with a firmware fix for this backwards compatibility issue.

Cable M,

Do you know what is happening every approximately 2 minutes in the HDMI handshake?




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Hi all,

I had hopes that the latest 61 min firmware update - Main Ver from 1.05 to 1.57 and others - would provide some improvement for my HDMI handshaking problem.

But, alas, it was not to be. No change at all...still living with the breakdown of the HDMI link after 2 minutes.

So I'm still stuck between a rock and a hard place since it doesn't seem to be Denon's problem and Sony are adamant it's not their problem...




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I think I have a similar problem to you here http://www.avforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6842605&postcount=27 with my 4306 and Fujitsu plasma.

There is a new f/w for my 4306 but the release notes don't suggest any HDMI handshaking fixes for me.

Somebody in the Onkyo 875 owners forum says to power up the Display > Amp > Source and wait for each item to boot-up to get a secure handshake.


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Thanks for sharing. It seems interesting that your 'problem' also lasts for 2 minutes before settling down...

But I am glad you are able to get an image back after the 2 minute 'flickering'. In my case I get no image at all, the Sony LCD monitor stays blank all the time.

It's just so inconvenient for me to keep changing the Sony LCD monitor to broadcast and wait for 2 minutes before switching back to the HDMI input. It happens everytime I change DVDs from say, a NTSC DVD to PAL DVD (using HDMI connected DVD-2930 or DVD-A1XVA), each time I change a LaserDisc in my Pioneer CLD-95, use the menu in the Denon, switch the input on the Denon from say, DVD to Aux Video input or CD or net/USB, etc. It's suprising how actions shuts down the HDMI link in a normal viewing session...and I avoid doing any configuration changes at the moment...

For the suggestion of which order to turn components on...

Jeff Talmadge of Denon US suggested I try switching on amp, source, display in that order to start up the HDMI links properly. If that didn't work he mentioned this order - source, amp and display - but always the display last. Well, it doesn't work. Neither does switching on the display first...

Oh well, I suppose I have to now start to saving up for a new display...




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I have Sony 40" LCD W450A and recently bought denon A/V receiver. I hvae connected the satellite cable and sony DVD to the Denon and connected the Denon to HDMI output to LCD.

no when ever we get white bakground picture the video cuts off and sony LCD resets again. but audio remains.

i saw this thread is relevant for my issue.

Please let me know if someone can help me in this issue.

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