AVC-A11xva v A11xv - Review


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Afternoon chaps

been in the fortunate position to have had a xv on loan whilst waiting for an xva - which I received a couple of days ago - thought you might be interested in comparison? Albeit a brief one!

Setup - virtually the same ie. a pain but with an addl screen for upscaling - straight forward - set mine to 1080I initially. You can only set one scaler setting for all inputs which is fair enough I suppose, and obviously you can just "pass through" an input.

Audessey setup results on xva are much better than xv but I think that is because the xv had old firmware. Still not convinced re Audessey but there's a lot of info out there to help!

Performance - audio - same - brilliant - not any better or different. You still neeed to play with things to get bass right and the treble subdued - no change thare !!

Performance - video - mmmmm, so far unimpressed. Scaling a Sammy 950 to Tosh 37" produces exactly the same results as scaling at the player end. So the picture is still good but the scaler in the Denon seems on a par with the Samsung one- bit surprising. and yes I did try all the options and all the settings!

Scaling a STB component signal shows a small improvement but it may just be the the picture is softer not better - and again I tried all the settings and variations

Bottom line - don't expect miracles coz on my current analysis not a great improvement.

A brilliant amp but if you could get an ex dem XV for £2K I'd go for it and forget the video "extras" - save yourself £800! Obviously there's the addl network support etc but if you're not bothered about that an XV is just as good.

If you want to know anything else, shout, and I'll try and answer. PLUS if you have an XVa and think I am missing a trick let me know!:)



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Just a bit of an add on..

Have now played around with the settings - specifically video and can confirm that, on my set up, the best setting, definitely, is with the onboard Denon scaler set to "through" ie. off! For both DVD and STB.

Bit bloody disappointing that! :mad:

However when the amp is set to "through" the picture seems marginally better than when the item is connected direct to the display. Bit bizarre that - coz the Amp isn't doing anything .....'cept switching sources?? Probably wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, if improved picture is one of your prime drivers for buying this amp - scratch it off the list of benefits for the 11xva!

Don't get me wrong it's still a brilliant amp! Just forget the video bit!


The AVC-A11XVA will not scale any HDMI source. It will however scale any analogue input upto 1080p via HDMI.

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