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AVC-A11XV HDMI 1.1 questions


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I have hooked up the Denon AVC-A11XV via HDMI to my Arcam FJM DV29 DVD player (also HDMI 1.1 compliant) but can't get any surround sound (inc. DVD-A) out from the amp. Only stereo when playing a CD.
HDMI out is connected to my Loewe Xelos 32 DVI input (HDCP compatible).

Does anyone know what the settings should be on the AVC-A11XV in order to output suround sound that it has decoded from HDMI-1 input?

Am I correct it should display the HDMI input sound format (DD, DTS, DVD-A etc.)?
I can output bitsream from the DV29 via coax into the Coax-1 on the AVC-A11XV and get DD, DTS etc. in full surround sound, but of course not DVD-A.

Thanks in advance.


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In the Video Setup Menu, HDMI/DVI In Assign. Have you set the HDMI Audio option to AMP?


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Thanks Jase & Eddy Boy.
I have done both; under 4.1 set DVD to HDMI1 & Audio to Amp also under 3.1 set DVD to HDMI1. No luck. I have aksed Arcam for a firmware update for the DV29 in case this is the problem and asked my dealer to call Denon to ask what could be the problem.

Can any of you get sound in (DD, DTS, DVD-A) over HDMI and the Denon decodes it properly?


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I have upgraded the Arcam DV29 firmware to v5.25.
This has added a new menu item 'HDMI Multichannel' just bellow the bitstream 6ch output.
Don't know what it does, but it only gives be 2ch output over HDMI when I play 5.1 DD or DTS from DVD or DVD-A.

Setting the output back to bitstream 6ch, will gives me 5.1 DD and DTS when I play DVD-Video, but with DVD-A I only get 2ch output (48KHz, 2,0,0) even though it's 5.1 sound.

Can any of you get multichannel sound from DVD-A over HDMI and the Denon decodes it properly?

Eddy Boy

Active Member
on the 3910 set the HDMI audio to Multi-Channel, turn HDMI on on the front panel, set the scaling and off you go.

Whats the firmware version of the 3910?
It must be later then 4 or 5 'cause this is when Denon introduced HDMI 1.1.

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