AVC A11SR Multi Zone Output



How can you assign unused surround speaker terminals to the multi zone output of the amp instead of using a seperate amplifier plugged into the multi zone output?

(Jasse, you have answered a similar question for me prevoiusly, but I can't find the menu items you refer to. Mine is a UK model Amp and there doesn't seem to be an option in the ststem setup menu under speaker configerations on multi zone volume leval).

IMHO that doesn't work. The AVC-10SE had a function were you can re-route the power amps, but multi-zone usually requires an external power amp which can be driven by a 2nd source.
Multi-room refers IMHO to using the internal amps to drive a 2nd pair of speakers (like e.g. front A and B).
Hi Dan

Which surround speakers are you referring to?? Surround Back or Surround B?

Surround Backs amps can be assigned to drive a set of speakers in another room, its done from main setup menu, Power Amp Assignment, set to Multi. The speakers still remain connected to the Surround Back terminals.

Surround B can´t be reassigned, its a fixed output (actually use Surround A amps).

Jase, There is no power amp assignment in my setting menu. Is it possible that your Amp is not a UK model and hence has some options that mine does not?


Looks like you didn´t get that option on the UK spec model:( . Just had a quick look, the american spec gets it.

To use multiroom you´ll have to connect up a second amplifier and use the multizone output.

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