AVC-A10Se setup with 3800DVP


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Apr 11, 2009
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Just got the 3800. I have connected up the 8 analogue cables to the amp. Now what settings do I need for the amp (digital assignment etc etc), remember I know nothing so talk to me that way please :)
ok all I have done thus far is press the 8 channel button on the front of the amp and I have sound. I have a DTS disc in and I have done a sound test from the disc. All channels are correct except the sub does not work. I have chucked in a THX certified disc and run the THX optimizer and all sound comes out of the front speakers and no others even though it is testing each individual channel, and still no sub?
Of course I have run the amps own channel level settings with the old DVD player so I know all systems are ok there. Any hints?

Oh an with audio running through the analogue inputs, I don't get any sign of the DVD player playing DTS or showing speaker hookup, is that right
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ok. I have now plugged my old dvd player back in and with the same amp settings I straight away get DTS with all channels working no problem. Now I swap back over to the 3800 and I am running exactly the same cables (I have removed the 8 channel analogue and am using optical). I can only play back in 2ch stereo?? I have set everything on the dvd player to play multi channel (as far as I can see) but no multi channel display on the dvd player or on the amp. Although the dvd player is displaying that the disc is dts. Any thoughts?
How have you got the settings setup on the 3800?

HDMI audio out should be on audio mute.

7.1ch audio out - multi channel

BD audio mode - HD audio output.
right I have plugged in the optical cable on the 3800 and I assume that it will/can output all channels.
The settings I have are:
BD audio mode = HD audio output
HDMI audio out = audio mute
7:1 channel out = multi channel
downsample is ON
DRC = auto
source direct ON

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