Avatar Kinect rolls out later this spring

Well, got the update but can see anything to get me into Avatar Kinect - I noticed the update only appeared available for download once my kinect had powered up and I'd signed up.. but that's it.. Is this update meant to be Avatar Kinect? Or just the update that was supposed to be coming on May 19th but got delayed?
looks like Avatar Kinect is coming as a separate update, judging by its complete absence from the recent update
It arrives today

Microsoft has been touting Avatar Kinect, since CES way back in January, and you can now finally it try out for yourself. The Kinect Fun Labs Gadget is available as a free download for all Xbox Live Gold members starting today, and even non-paying Live members can try it out during a limited trial that runs until September 8th. So just what is it? Partly a tech demo showing off things like new facial expression capabilities, but mostly another way for you to hangout with a few friends online -- up to seven in this case, in your choice of 24 virtual environments. Those looking to try something else a little different with Kinect will also be able to download the Kinect Sparkler 3D finger painting application this Thursday, although it'll cost you 240 Microsoft Points.

From: Avatar Kinect hits Xbox Live, your own virtual talk show starts today -- Engadget
Tried it, awful

doesnt even work the mouth stays open and fingers dont work, doesnt track legs

at a 700MB download i wouldnt bother with it.

Crap like this does nothing to boost the popularity of Kinect as a gaming medium just harm it
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