Availability of Panasonic RCA component terminal board TY-42TM6Z


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Nov 22, 2004
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Does anyone know why AV Sales has discontinued this blade?

I know they still sell the BNC version:

But, I'd like to avoid having to use converters (BNC to RCA) as I'm looking to hook a Nintendo Wii to my TH-42PWD8.
I'm also well aware that there is a fair amount of trading going on with these boards in both the classifieds here and on ebay (where I just lost a bidding war for one :( , hence looking for alternatives now).
There is no difference in quality when using the adaptors - they simply change the socket type from BNC to RCA so you can use any RCA cable e.g. the Wii component cable :thumbsup:
Thanks for the reply mugsy,

as you're correctly hinting, it's the potential for quality loss that's worrying me, when it comes to interconnects less adapters/converters tend to preserve the signal better (in theory).
Are you using such a setup yourself (official Wii component>RCA to BNC adapter>BNC blade)?

I started the thread hoping to get an answer from somebody in AVSales on why they don't carry the RCA version anymore.
Because so few of their customers order them?
Because Panasonic has discontinued this particular board as a replacement is due out soon?
Any other reason?
I would doubt with a Wii you'll notice much graphical detoriation - hardly next gen graphics grin: (sorry ninty) - with a PS3, we'll that's a different matter entirely!
I think it may be because the BNC board is chaper?

If you really need an RCA one I have a new boxed one sat here and want a BNC one, if you get stuck I can swap you.

you might well be right, it'll only be 480i/p (depending on game) from the Wii.
Keep in mind the numerous discussions the Wii fanboys seem to have been having over the quality difference between the official Nintendo component cables VS the rest.
Plus, a Wii today might well turn into a PS3 once the prices have dropped :smashin:


whilst possible that the price is different here in the UK I hope not.
The retail price for the RCA and BNC blades are the same from Panasonic US:
If the prices are different in the UK then we are being played once again :rolleyes:

I appreciate the swap offer, but, I don't have a BNC blade (yet).
I'd be willing to get hold of a brand new BNC blade, send it to you for an RCA blade to be returned if that suits you?
Does anyone know why AV Sales has discontinued this blade?

I know they still sell the BNC version:


RCA boards used to be sourced through Panasonic UK Consumer division but as they do not sell panels now the only option is the BNC component board which resellers get through Panasonic Commercial in the UK. Its a case of either using BNC to RCA converters unless the device you attach to has a cable option with BNC ends. The professional BNC connectors are in fact better quality.

If you would prefer not to use the adaptors I'd take up gizlaroc's offer.


That explains my original question fully - thanks Alastair!

I seem to remember old discussions where forum people seemed to largely agree that the physical connection through BNC was indeed better than RCA.

I'll hang on and see what gizlaroc comes back with......
As I say I have a brand new RCA board sat here in the box, I will have to order some bnc adpaters or swap boards with someone, doesn't really matter to me which I do, but if you prefer an rca board you can have this one. If you want to order one and get Alastair to send it to me I will DHL this one to you.

Just send me a PM if you want to. :smashin:
I would have thought that the extra connector involved with rca-bca adapter would be more than made up by the fact that bnc is a true 75ohm connector.
Impedance matching does make a difference. RCA is 50ohm, thats quite a difference.
But once you have added an rca adapter it is no longer 75ohm.
Both of you are right,

if the cable hooked up was of the BNC type all the way back to the source then yes, there could be a quality difference - especially if it was a long run.

The reason I wanted the RCA version is that I wanted to connected a Nintendo Wii using the official Nintendo component cable (as mentioned earlier).
This cable is about 2 meters long.
It starts from the source with a proprietary connector followed by 1.5 meters of a single, thicker cable which branches out in the last 0.5 meters with 5 component RCA leads.
A picture of it can be found here:

Having less conversions going on puts my mind at ease plus no need for 3 (for video) RCA to BNC adapters.

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