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Your final score of 4 does not seem to match your scathing words for this film. Surely it should be lower than that? If it’s worse than Anna it truly is worth avoiding!


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Agree with the review Cas. Movie should never have happened. Also, was it just me or did Jessica look out of shape and slightly unconvincing in the fight scenes. Her jogging style in particular was awful.

TBH I did quite like the last 10 mins.


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Watched it the other night.
It's okay.

John M steals the film for me.....


Storyline we have seen before tho.


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Sorry, but I actually enjoyed Anna.


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Thanks for the Review, Cas. & thanks for the "complete film" trailer info. Now I can avoid it. What a waste of an excellent cast!
I Guess this could also be the end of any Female Assasin Movie whose name is also the Movie title & begins with the letter "A".
"We need a better letter"

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