AV888 Gapless Playback and 24 bit flac


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A while ago there was a thread about the AV888's inability to produce gapless playback of files via ethernet.

I have just bought an AV888 and was very disappointed to read this. However, because the thread has gone quiet (in fact passed its reply to date) I am hoping some sort of improvement to the situation has occurred.

Also how is the performance via USB? Can you get gapless and/or 24bit via that connection?


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Same problem with my Onkyo processor. Told them about it a year ago but still no gapless :thumbsdow. Must be a really hard thing to implement. At least Sonos & Squeezebox get it right.


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From the old thread:
"Arcam is considering both options (gapless playback and support of 24bit/96kHz), but they give it low priority because the demand for both is very small" ...

... this would be very useful for me. Perhaps if a few more people asked for it, then it might just happen.


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Despite all efforts to persuade Arcam, it is my understanding that Arcam is not going to implement gapless playback in the network streaming function. A real shame. :mad: Soundwise this is a beauty and can compete with and perhaps beats many streamplayers. But the lack of gapless playback is a complete knockout stopper. So, if you are serious about streaming audio, this Arcam is NOT an option. :thumbsdow

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