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Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by Jesse350, Oct 25, 2004.

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    I own the AV8 pre/pro. I had all of my HT equipment installed a few days ago. The left front speaker seemed to be louder than the right one (B&W Nautillus 802s) so I went to option 4 "levels" to see how they were set. The left speaker is set at
    -10db and the right one at +0db. I tried to set the left one at the same +0db level but it got even louder. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me as to why the two speakers can't be set to the same +0db setting and what do I do now? Thank you.

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    Hi Jessie,

    Whilst it is possible for the speakers to be out by 10 dB due to placement it is unlikely. You can check this out by swapping them from one side to the other. (This will be much easier with an sound pressure meter Maplins are selling a digital one for £30 at the moment, but with a 10dB difference you should be able to hear it easily) Set both the speakers to 0dB on the AV8 first. If the +10dB moves with the speaker it is nothing to do with the room. If you find the other speaker is now 10dB louder(i.e it has stayed on the same side) then you must have something very absorbent on the other side of the room (A large book shelf or soft furnishings could cause this). Let me know if this is the case as you can set the AV8 up to give you more difference between the channels.

    If it is not the room. The next posibility is that one of the speakers is faulty. To test this swap the cables at the back of the speaker. If the +10dB remains on the same side then one of the speakers is faulty. It is most likely to be the one that is too quiet thats faulty but I'd take them both back.

    If it swaps over then it is further back down the chain. Next thing to do is swap the left and right channels on the back of the AV8 if the 10dB stays on the same side the power amplifer is faulty. If it changes over the AV8 must be faulty.

    You can do these checks yourself, but really your dealer/installer should do this as part of the install.


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