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Peter Baker

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I would love to buy an AV8/P7, as it does everything I want and more, and fits with my fmjDV27.
The problem is, on a brief demo using my Wadia CD front end, I could not get at all excited about its music performance. In fact I found it quite grating, with a splashy top end, and a lack of timing. Whilst it had quite a lot of detail, (certainly more than my Arcam10/DAVE currently), this wasn't presented in a coherent way. This was, however, a brief demo, after which I switched to the Naim AV2 which sounded much more musical.
The question is, was I just unlucky and caught it in the wrong room, wrong setup etc?
Should I try it again?


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Hi Peter,
Can you explain what you mean by splashy?

I have the DV27 and it obviously isn't of the standard of your Wadia, I haven't really noticed any failings in the CD replay quality. My only long term comparison is with my stereo set up which comprises a Marantz CD6000KI, Marantz PM6010KI and PMC FB1. My Arcam setup wipes the floor with the Marantz set-up even taking into account the speakers. The only thing I have ever noticed is that with certain CD's the top end takes on the resemberlance of tracing paper over a comb, if you get my drift. But it is only with certain CD's



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Im very pleased with mine.... but all personal taste i guess... There has been so much praise for this combination over the last year or so, i'd very much suggest you get another demo.... could be you just had a dud....

My view - Try again :)



I don't have the AV8 but I have the P7 having moved up from an Alpha10/10P set up. I'm currently using the P7 with a TAG CD transport and AV32R processor and have found it a great step up musically from my old Alpha 9 CD/Alpha 10/10P amplification. To my ears I don't find the top end particularly harsh or splashy even though the Tag electronics wouldn't be described as the warmest sounding components in the world. I'd listen to another demo to convince yourself and I'd definitely do so with the P7 bi-amping the front channels which I found tightened up the bass on my system noticeably. I'm also using a lot of Russ Andrews/Kimber power cables and interconnects which have also improved the sound of P7 as I have upgraded. Hope this helps


Peter Baker

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Thanks very much for these responses, which have tempted me to go for another try. Bi-amping also sounds like a good idea, as I am unlikely to use 7 channels.
sticker, by splashy I mean high end sound don't sound pure and liquid, but instead are a bit screechy, or even distorted. THis is normally most evident on Japanese receivers like Pioneer/Denon.
Ta much


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Sorry.. forgot too mention bi-amping..

I too noticed a considerable improvement.... using the P7 to bi-amp my front pair... agree with Ryland completely.



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ditto the bi-amp with me as well

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