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Jul 28, 2000
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I'm always toying with new possibilities for my kit.

I've become an ATC speaker convert in recent months.

As much as I like my Primare pre/power set up, I wonder how much it can be improved upon by using an AV8 with ATC Active 20-2s or at a stretch with another demo the 10-2?

There is no way I can demo the two brands together, so need a few opinions on the AV8 on which I've been searching past threads here and elsewhere.

It'd be a hifi and AV set up in one. The long term aim would be the AV8 partnered to the ATC Concept 2 package for example.

I'd be very interested in the outcome of this as its something I've toyed with. I personally think the AV8 is fantastic with both music & movies but the P7 is a bit if a beast and is not the most wife friendly so actives may be a answer. Is this ATC package the one in this months What HiFi?


I'm looking at poss a mix of the 10-2 all round and 20-2 for front stereo duty only as I really didn't take to the 10-2 when I've heard them in the past. The plan is to buy bit by bit due to the sheer cost.:)

I have the SCM 35 (in same issue) which I really do like. Same drivers etc, but I prefer them.

I really like the promise the AV8 has to offer with the DV27, which you also have. I just want to explore actives as it's the current vogue, but only with ATC, and only if I like the noise that comes out of it all.

Where are you in Essex? My local dealer in Suffolk, Signals is happy to lend ATC actives to try at home. It'd be good to be able to compare active vrs passive if you're able to.
Hi Guy,
Thanks for the reply.

I'm just outside Romford, but as it happens I'm visiting a friend in Ipswich next Saturday so I may pop into Signals for a browse, I'll probably call them in the week to see whether they can set up a demo for me. Where abouts are they, my friend live behind the station on the new David Wilson estate

Signals is in a village called Bucklesham which is east of Ipswich. Easy to get to. Just get here and head to Felixstowe then turn off when you see the village sign.

I phoned Signals yesterday to ask about the actives. He's always got the active 10-2 there and normally the 20-2. The 20-2 may be away though for a week or so as they need some attention from ATC for some minor damage.

As it happens I've poss got a deal brewing where I 'may' end up with another pair of SCM 35s so may not end up 'active'. But as I said, I'm always looking.:)
Cheers Guy

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