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AV32R4S Owners, Can You Confirm?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by liamdens, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. liamdens


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    Hi All

    If you own a AV32R4S JVC 32" widescreen TV could you check something
    for me please?

    There are three scarts on the back of the TV. The main scart (highest
    up), EXT1 is quite flexible, what I mean is that you can press the
    scart and it moves (flexes at the top) back inside the TV case. The two
    scarts below are solid. It does look like bad design as the two lower
    scarts have screws either side of them whilst there are no obvious
    screws near the upper scart. Im guessing all scarts are on the same
    plate internally and they all rely on the screws evident around the
    lower scarts.

    Now I only got the TV yesterday and set it up last night and appears to
    be working fine. If thats how it is then fine but if your scart is
    solid then I may have a problem in the future as it may weaken as I remove
    and replug the scart lead.

    Thanks all

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