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If you have a AV32R which has had the PLII licence upgrade prior to 2004 then IAG have no record of the purchase. Therefore if you have not kept the original receipt as proof of purchase then you have no alternative but to purchase a new one. Cost rrp :mad:£150 !!

Over the last few months I've had sporadic error 102 codes. Finally it gave up and did not come back to life, simply displaying the "switch off for 60 secs" message each time I switched on.

Now if like myself you do not have the TAG programming cable then the chances are that you have not made a backup. When the power supply was repaired futher memory error codes resulted. The only way to rectify this was to re-install. When you re-install you lose your licence. There are warnings in the sticky FAQ's with reference to installing 4.31 and the PLII licence. So just a precuationary tale really to backup ! and check your receipts.

As a further note ...what the hell would TAG Mclaren want with the history of customer repairs / and upgrades !!!! and why would they not hand them over ????

I am considering contacting Mclaren and asking for proof of the upgrade to claim my money back. (fat chance.. unless Udo can pull some strings)

I guess that dolby labs has no benefit in keeping the purchase record as they make more money in selling a new one. If you present them with proof of purchase they will re-issue you with the licence. So it makes you wonder if they can re-issue then surely they keep the record in the first place. Unless the record is from TAG or the retailer and not the customer.

Also my local retailer has closed down (last month) so I couldn't ask for a copy.

Kenny Glasgow

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Surprised to hear that Phil and also sorry to hear that you had to shell out again.

I would have thought that IAG would have had a file of all the units and the respective licenses for audit purposes at least.

I've had to re-install various bits and bots when the HD on my Mac went and had no problems with any license. Today in fact I re-installed Delicious Library for my CD, DVD etc collections and I can recommend this for any Mac user:thumbsup:


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I've just sent my programming cables to Scotland on loan.
If you get this all sorted your welcome to borrow them to back up or update the AV32R




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All sorted thanks.

All thanks go to Kevin Green for the repairs:smashin:

The sound seems a lot cleaner and crisper than before . Just prior to completely failing the autodetection went. The software version was quite old, I'm wondering wether the new updates (THX ultra 2) had an influence or its to do with the power supply repair. Perhaps not enough juice was beind pumped round ... no idea, but its great to have the baby back , heres to another 8 years.

Now for the DVD player.


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Phil, I guess that was you at Kevin's last Sunday lunchtime? - I was getting my T32 fixed :)


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Yes last sunday, spent a couple of hours down Bicester retail village with family in tow. Somehow spent no money in there, which is just as well as at the time didnt know I had to fork out for a new licence.

He gave me the low down on the repair and it seems that he does a very thorough job indeed. Not being technical, I can't exactly recall what was replaced, re-soldered and cleaned , but its with all top quality components , silver solder etc.. I cant state here what the comparisons are between a fix at IAG and Kevin apart from being half the price. As I havent experienced the repair from IAG personnally. I cant repeat what Kevin states , but I will be using Kevin services again :lesson:. Its a common fault the error 102 and Kevins done quiet a few.

Had some interesting conversations and emails with Kevin regarding DVD transports, as my TAG DVD is coughing and spluttering. So might be down in the near future.

Might try and entice Kevin into joining in these forums to give it a much needed "kick up the jacksy". Lets say as well as repairing he's also been experimenting with transports and active cross overs and if I recall correctly sync linking:clap: Can you imagine being able to upgrade one of these "so so" japanese dvd players into something thats close to the original sound of the TAG DVD32. ok so its a pipe dream at the moment , but lets see what the future brings from the audio cellar . I know you have to be careful in direct advertising your service in these forums, but I'm sure if Kevin polled what upgrades people were looking into he might be surprised at how many Tag owners would jump at the opportunity.

Its reassuring that we have someone like Kevin to rescue the ageing TAG equipment . Keep up the good work !!!:smashin::smashin::smashin:

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