AV32R: How to confirm if 192kHz dacs are fitted?


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For an AV32R96 unit that has has the 192kHz DACs fitted - how is it possible to see this option has been fitted in the software or unit display?


The only way to tell as far as I'm aware is to e-mail or call the helpdesk :suicide:

Unless you know enough to pop the bonnet and look under the hood of course... :D

The software menu cannot tell you unfortunately.

Regards - Spencer


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When an audio input is selected, the front panel displays the sampling frequency. Will some DVD media have 192kHz sampled audio streams that will trigger my AV32R to convert at that rate, or will the DVD32R copy protection 'features' only allow output at 96kHz?


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Steve Sky - p23 of the user guide (9055B) indicates that for an analogue source, the sampling rate is pre-set at 96kHz/20bit, unless DPL or DPLII decoding is applied, in which case it is 20bit/48kHz.
Two questions:
1. For 'direct' mode, where no processing(?) is applied, what does the sampling rate show?
2. If 192kHz DACs are fitted, why is this not shown by the sampling rate on the FPD in other non DPL processing modes?


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City_Knight there is only way which you can be absolutely sure - check that the DAC chips have AKM4395 printed on them, the earlier 96K version is AKM4393.

You might just be able to glimpse this through the punch holes in the top cover if you have the later (AV pattern holes) type top cover.

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