AV32R and Oppli


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Hey folks,

Anyone on here got their AV32R in an Oppli stand from Ikea? Just wondering if it'll fit, the AV32R seems to be exactly the width of the shelves in an Oppli so I'm not sure it'll go in.




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The wide 3 unit unit is quite tight, so I went for 3 of the single unit Oppli's, as these have somewhat wider shelves.
And more flexible, if you ever want to go to a 'tower' configuration, it's quite easy to put the Oppli's on top of each other.



If you post a pic / link of the "narrow" shelves I'll be able to confirm - my gear's in IKEA shelving at the mo but I've no idea what they're called.
It's a tight fit though, whatever it is !


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Using single Oppli units works very well for me, the size of them is perfect.



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same here. fits like a charm, but i have my stuff in the one-piece-triple-oppli.

on the left side: sony cd 777 es and sony dat-recorder 57es (both without the wood panels on the side)
in the middle: mcintosh mc 7205
on the right side: denon 3910 dvd-player and tag mclaren av32dp
on top: kef reference 202c center speaker


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Cheers for your help guys, as it sounds like it'll fit I think I'll go for the tripple Oppli job, quite fancy stacking a couple of top of each other as others round here have done, finally have enough room for all those consoles!


Went to Ikea (Cardiff) today, and they don't seem to be doing the single version of the Oppli anymore. Which is a pity, as my amps won't quite fit into the three width version.

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