AV32 & Sonos ZP80 clicks & pops



I have 3 ZP80s all utilising their coax spdf outputs. One into a Denon AVR-1706, one into a very old TEAC D-700, both of these are all OK. But the ZP80 into my TAG McLaren AV-32(192DP) occasionally pops very loudly (like a mains switch pop) about four times an hour.

I've eliminated cables and swopped over the ZP80s - so unless all ZP80s exhibit this sort of problem it must be the TAG at fault. However I have noticed that the pops happen less frequently at volumes above 80%, but alas, still pops at 100% or 'fixed' output.

Any ideas?


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Oh. I have a ZP80, and last weekend I bought an AV32R. I am just waiting for my interconnects to come from Mark Grant and I'll let you know whether mine pops too.

I do hope it doesn't. The ZP80 is my main source.

Mine's only a single processor bp192, so maybe it'll not be a valid test?


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Hi Rog,

My ZP80 digital coax into AV32DP does not pop, fortunately.

Is yours wireless (mine is)? But if so you could try a temporary hardwire to see it had any effect.


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