AV32 DAC and ADC chip numbers?

Nic Rhodes

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Mar 23, 2001
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Does anyone know what part number the old and new Tag AV32R DACs chips are and the equivalent ADC chip is as well? I think they were all AKMs but can’t remember which one and it is a pain ‘pulling off the lid’ !


I hope all is going well with you and your family. I am not 100% sure but if I am not wrong the old ones were AKM AK4393, while the new ones are AK4395.

Do not remember the ADC.

Best regards
All is going great Pedro, thanks for that, does anyone know he ADC?

pedro, who is going to beat schumacher this year?
Originally posted by Miron

pedro, who is going to beat schumacher this year?

Please Miron, don't do this to me!!! :rolleyes: Rubens??? ahahahh :D

The only thing I can say is that present lap times are not representative of true performance of any car. Williams seems powerful and reliable. Time will tell... ;)
Originally posted by Stereo Steve
No, Jenson is quickest:clap:

Seriously, the Renault looks useful doesn't it? Williams will be strong and consistant though.

Jenson??? Who's that guy??? :devil:

Renault seems a good car. Not the fastest for sure, but a good car, considering the resources they have available. I think they will perform well. Better than BAR..... :rotfl:
Williams, well, the BMW engines is powerful and reliable. They will be strong and fast.

But let's wait and see what the Italians come out with....
Hang on guys i thought for a moment i was on a Tag Mclaren Forum :D
Originally posted by AMCross
Hang on guys i thought for a moment i was on a Tag Mclaren Forum :D

Sorry! :blush:
No Problem Pedro we need to talk about something in this forum to keep this section going.

Roll on HDMI-2 or whatevers next ?
Originally posted by Stereo Steve
I wonder what DC listen to Phil Collins and George Michael on..Bose probably.

Style over performance, as usual.

Lukewarm. Minardi beckons.

It wouldn't be that bad in that case, would it?? ;) It could be Arcam... :devil:
But for political reasons, I 'assume' he has a lot of TMA kit.
Hey, aren't we supposed to support Mclaren? Go Kimi, go. I must admit I was at the GP in 2001 and was cheering for Kimi until the race where Monty tried to hang on to the Ferrari and put on a show of Mansell-esqe proportions. Until it rained of course.

Funniest thing was Irvine spinning off right in front of us. I actually heard what he said about his pretty green car. Learnt some new obscenities that day.:laugh:

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