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Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by barnythebear, Nov 29, 2004.

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    I'd just like some help to know if this is possible :confused:
    Can I connect these three items together to get even better stereo sound. At the moment I have an AV300 with the P25/3 bi-amping the front three channels. From prevoius threads I noticed people using an A22 or an A90 to drive the front L/R for stereo.
    Would this be a significant improvement? Is it worth doing!
    If I'm right the way to do it is to connect the L/R preouts on the AV300 to the A22 tape/proc input and run the HF from there. Connect the A22 preouts to the P25 L/R and run the LF from the power amp. The centre would run as normal from the AV300 and the P25's third channel.
    When I'm listening to stereo I just use the A22 as normal with the Av300 off but when I want to go to 5.1 I switch the AV300 on and A22 to processor and carry on from there? :suicide:

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