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Av2 and Sky....


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I am ripping my hair out in clumps at the moment and would really appreciate some help. Firstly I am an expat in Germany who was a happy Sky watcher until the other day........

I bought an new Blu ray DVD Recorder, the DMR-BST820, I believe it is the BWT in the UK. After checking it out in the shop for the required inputs, I bought it (and it was not cheap!!) It had two SCART sockets and an HMDI and a bunch of other stuff I did not need. Priority was the SCART input for my old Sky box. So I plugged all in and as the manual said with an external decoder, use SCART 2 on AV2. All was well and worked. I recorded some stuff and was happy. I watched a couple of Blu-rays and all was fine. That was until I cam home from work on Saturday.....The recorder was recording as it should have, so I decided to watch a film. This is where I came very unstuck. I got a large blue banner telling me that as I was recording on AV2 I could not watch a disk......OK????, so I then went to the Direct Navigator to watch something I had already recorded.....Same message. It would appear that I can only watch what is being recorded when the machine is recording through AV2........This was confirmed by some very small print in the manual. If it had been on the box then you can be sure I would not have bought it in the first place. So it is a smart bit of kit with a couple of sat inputs so plan B. Bought a CAM module and scanned. All Sky channels were found, but no decryption. This now brings me to my questions (at last, I know)....;

1. Do I require a particular CAM for UK Sky
2. Is this player at all compatible with a Sky set up.
3. Either way can someone put me out of my missery
4. As it stands my old DMR-EH-595 and a stand alone Blu-ray was much better



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Never come across a recorder which doesn't work like this. If you are using the recorder to record something, you can't watch something else via the recorder as well. It only has a single output - and when it is recording something, it outputs what it is recording. And if you are archiving something from the Sky box to the DVDR, you can't watch an alternative output from the Sky box as well. The Sky box also only has one output.

2. Why you think the BR and the Sky box are incompatible I don't know. The Sky box outputs its contents, the Blu Ray recorder records this content. Which is exactly what both are supposed to do.

3. If you want to be able to watch a DVD/Blu Ray while you are archiving to your Blu Ray recorder, then yes, you need a second disc player. DVD players can be bought for about twenty quid, Blu Ray players for about fifty. Alternatively, do your archiving through the middle of the night, do your watching while you are awake and at home.


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I think we are crossing wires here. I am not recording to the Blu-ray disk (DVD), but to the hard drive. Every other Panasonic DMR player I have had, the Sky box entered by AV2. Whist I was recording to the hard drive, it was either possible to watch another hard drive recorded program or watch a DVD. It would appear that on this new player from Panasonic, when using AV2, none of the above is possible.....as it says in very small print in the manual as I indicated in my first post. I accept this, it is a how it now works by Panasonic. What I would like to know is what CAM module I require to be able to watch a UK Sky card (not HD, just a basic package card), I have bought a Unicom module yesterday, it finds every Sky channel, but does not decode.



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Sky are never going to let you decode there content outside of there box : On the UK models ( Which are Freeview HD only -- satellite models have not been available for ages ) you can record on A2 and watch disc or hard drive recordings . OLD DMR models & new BWT behave very differently to the satellite based recorder you have . I realise that this is not much help for you but you may be able to swap your recorder for a freeview or the German inequivalent to freeview DTT if there is one ?

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