AV192R+VSM2048 DVI to Panasonic TV issues


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Hey guys.. good to be back on here.
I've recently upgraded my equipment and now have my ideal setup. However, I have been really struggling to find a setup that works so that the VSM outputs 1920x1080 via a DVI-HDMI cable to my Panasonic TX-L55WT50B.

The DVD32R is connected via a component video cable, the RCA outputs going into the AV192R BNC input "RGB1". The DVD32R is set to output YPbPr.

I started with a low resolution output from the scaler 720x576 and this successfully output via the Kimber DVI-HDMI cable to a Dell U2713HM monitor.

As I increased the resolution, the Dell display would flicker the DVD menu image for a varying time (estimated 0.5s-2s) and then return to no output. I presumed that this was because the resolution that the VSM2048 was outputting was not supported by the monitor. I thought it would sort itself out so long as I steadily increased up to the 1920x1080 that the monitor supported.

However, that wasn't the case and after one increment around the 1024x11?? range, the AV192R displayed an error code:
ERROR 404 w2D w2D

I have been unable to clear the error with either power cycling, hard reset or depowering the VSM2048.

Any ideas what this error is, and should I put the AV192R into standby in between incrementing the VSM2048 output resolution?


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Did you disconnect the monitor and DVD Player while you try a restart?


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Disconnected monitor from DVI out, DVD32R from RGB1 in and power cable from back. The AV192R restarted OK (thank you karlknurr). It returns to displaying the Error 404 w2D w2D when I attempt to reconnect the monitor to the DVI out. If I instead connect it to the Panasonic via DVI-HDMI cable then the TV recognises the signal as 576p (I set the scaler output to 720x576) but the displayed picture is noise for a burst followed by no signal.
I'm wondering which video modes the TV can accept on HDMI and if there is a 50Hz/60Hz issue..


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It has been established that the Panasonic will accept over HDMI (with HDCP) the following, all at 16:9 aspect:
480i 59.94Hz
480p 59.94Hz
720p 59.94Hz
1080i 59.94Hz
1080p 23.98/24.00/59.94/60.00Hz

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