AV1 or EC1 any difference


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I have a Panasonic PL1 t.v. linked with Sky digi box, E30 and VCR. I have noticed that sometimes when switching from one piece of equipment, or analogue to digital, instead of the usual AV1 RGB icon display on the t.v. an icon EC1 RGB displays instead. Does anyone know why this happens and is there any difference as the picture quality appears identical. Any info appreciated.


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Doesn't that mean External Control? The equipment tells the TV to change to that input via a voltage on one of the SCART pins. My Sky+ box does that when I press the 'Sky' key.


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It means you can change the programme positition of the tv without changing the displayed picture. For instance you are watching sky you can select any analogue channel ready for when you want to change.I think its a panasonic thing

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