av wall plates connections etc ?


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Wheres best place to purchase wall plates with hdmi and scart connections etc ? got a tv install to do so gonna put hdmi wall plates behind tv and appliance end also require a scart socket wall plate for a wii :lease: thx

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Often it's best to avoid unnecessary connections in the HDMI signal path – a ‘brush' style single or double gang faceplate that allows you to push a pre terminated HDMI cable ‘though' the wall is a good option – you can also push a power and SCART cable through at the same time.

Additionally you may want to consider running the Wii as YUV ‘Component' into a suitable HDMI Switch/converter with a single HDMI cable up to the TV – Component, VGA to HDMI Video Converter. Full 1080P resolution for HDMI. 3x1 integrated HDMI switching included.



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If do do decide to go for plates with sockets instead of the brush style, take a look at the rear of the HDMI plate to make sure it will fit with how your cable is to be run. There are many HDMI plates on the market with a "straight through" connection, meaning you need a lot of depth in your backbox for the cable to plug in. Our Fisual Hollywood HDMI wall plates have a right angle connector with the socket lower down the plate to allow room for the cable and are designed for the cable to enter through the top of the backbox. There's plenty of variations available on the market but it's well worth checking whichever you get will be suitable before you purchase.

As Joe says regarding the Wii - it's might be worth looking at converting this and having a single lead to the TV. Depending on the model your AV receiver may do this for you, the Yamaha RX-V667 for example will convert a component input to HDMI for you so no need for a converter!

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