AV Wall plate suppliers - recommendations?


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Anyone got recommendations for AV wall plate suppliers?

I've not got an overly complicated setup but the wires are going in the wall now as the extension goes up.

At the TV end I've opted for a single HDMI, coax, centre speaker outlet and I'm feeding the twin phone TV audio out back to the receiver. So if there was a plate that combined those I could have one each end. Then I'd need a plate for the other 4 surround sound speakers. (The sub will be wired directly so I'm not worried whether the plate has sub or not).




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Try HERE my friend :smashin:


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Vex & Whilybat, those links are canny good - but the whole issue of faceplates and the like has me questioning the potential loss of audio quality.

I'm moving soon, and will be plumbing in speakers (to the ceiling) so the actual laying of speaker cabling will be straightforward in itself.

It's a given that I'll be having some sort of multi-plate behind the amp, but I'm wondering if I should just have the cabling coming straight out of the ceiling (via a very simple 'lightswitch-style plate without the switch!) or am I still okay to install a tidier-looking speaker plate and have yet another break in the chain between amp and speaker?


Obviously, I'd be using gold-plated banana-plugs and decent wall-plates, but has anyone experienced any quality loss at all?



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